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How to reduce spam text messages and harassing calls? I'm going crazy with this stuff, it's horrible!

Hi, my name is Angie Brook, I have been harassed by phone calls and text messages recently, it’s crazy, it keeps me awake at night, every night my phone gets a lot of text messages and calls, is there any way to fix it Block it?

How to stop GPS locator tracking? To prevent leaking my tracks?

How to prevent mobile phone from being tracked and located? Who suffers from the constant surveillance of life, especially if it happens on one's own mobile phone. Nowadays, people must bring their mobile phones when they go out. If they are tracked and located by their girlfriends and boyfriends, life safety is unlikely to occur, but if they are targeted by criminals, it will be troublesome. How to prevent them from being located by GPS locators?

How to prevent being located by satellites in the sky?

Hello, I suddenly have an idea, satellites are rotating over our heads every day, and they send signals to the earth every day to navigate and provide positioning services for us. How can I prevent satellite positioning?

I want to ask the price of the wifi signal jammer, I want to buy one.

Hi, I want to buy a wifi jammer to put in my house to jam the wifi signal because my kids love playing with their phones too much.

Can a wifi blocker prevent locator tracking?

Hello, I would like to ask if the wifi jammer can prevent the tracking of the locator? I suspect I was being tracked using a locator.

Can signal jammers be used in the classroom?

I am an examiner. During the exam, I found that many students are using mobile phones to find answers on the Internet and use mobile phones to cheat. Can I use a signal jammer to block mobile phone communication so that the mobile phone cannot access the Internet?

How can I stop my kids from using their phones in the middle of the night? It hurts so much, I'm so worried about him!

Hello, I recently discovered that my child is always secretly playing with his mobile phone in the middle of the night, which makes him look in a bad mood during the day and delays his studies. I would like to ask if the mobile phone jammer can help him to quit the habit of playing with his mobile phone in the middle of the night?

Hackers are stealing our data through the WiFi path, how can I defend?

Public WiFi is free, but don't be too capricious. On the scene of the CCTV 3.15 party broadcast last Sunday, hackers took advantage of the vulnerability of public WiFi and stole the account and password of the e-mail addresses of the audience's mobile phones in less than 3 minutes. Nowadays, there are more and more mobile APPs (application software clients), in addition to the repeated mention of not using public WiFi, how can users protect their information security?

How do I stop students from using their phones for extended periods of time? This affects their learning, how can I deal with this?

For parents, in addition to their children's health, parents pay more attention to their children's academic performance and intellectual development. However, children's long-term exposure to smartphones will not only affect children's learning, but even affect their intellectual development. I don't know how to deal with this situation, is there any solution?

Smartphone Addiction: Advice on Fighting Digital Poisoning

According to a report published in the Spanish newspaper Le Monde, although technology can bring us benefits and make our lives easier, it is also a double-edged sword, and there are also many drawbacks - overuse Smartphones take a toll on our bodies, brains, and even emotions. How can we stop smartphone addiction?

Will the signal from WiFi affect people's health?

Now, when many people go to unfamiliar places, the first thing to ask is: Is there WiFi? Here is WiFi, which is actually a high-frequency radio signal, which can realize wireless connection. Through it, it is more convenient for everyone to use mobile devices such as mobile phones to surf the Internet. However, some people are worried: the WiFi signal is so strong that it can pass through several layers of walls, so will it cause harm to the human body? Is there any way to stop it?

Hacking into smart facilities via Wi-Fi signal is dangerous, how to stop it?

If you are using your computer or mobile device to connect to the internet via WiFi at home, you are at risk of being attacked by WiFi hackers who can hack into your device through a wifi signal, manipulate it and cause property damage, I should How to stop them?

How to stop spy GPS trackers from exposing our routes?

In the movies, we often see agents tracking targets through various high-tech miniature tracking devices that look terrifying. But few realize that this happens not only in movies, but in real life as well. Some detectives, hackers, and even criminals track us with trackers that we can't detect with our naked eyes, but we're hard to find. So how do we stop this from happening?

What is the function of wifi signal blocker? Does it only block the wifi signal? Is there any other effect?

Hello, I would like to ask what is the function of the wifi signal blocker, can it only block the wifi signal?

How do wifi jammers work? How does it interfere with cell phone work?

Hi, can you explain in detail how the wifi signal blocker works, how does it interfere with the wifi cell phone signal?

How do wifi signal jammers work? How does it interfere with cell phone work?

Hello everyone, I would like to know how a wifi jammer works, how does it interfere with the cell phone signal?

Can the wifi signal jammer block the GPS signal in the car?

Hi, I know wifi jammer can interfere with wifi, so can it block GPS signal in car?

Can a plane be forced to land using a WiFi blocker?

Hello everyone! I bought a WiFi jammer that can interfere with the GPS band. Will he affect the flight of the plane?

Hello, I am buying a signal jammer due to work needs, what do I need to know about the jammer?

Hello everyone! I am going to buy a wifi signal jammer for our unit. I would like to know what factors I need to pay attention to and which type to choose?

How do I turn off my neighbor's TV broadcast? It's so loud it upsets me.

Hello everyone, my neighbor's TV is very loud and makes me irritable, how can I stop him?

My child is addicted to mobile games, so I want to buy a wifi signal jammer to stop him from playing mobile phones, what should I pay attention to or what should I pay attention to?

Hello everyone! I am considering buying a WiFi jammer. I would like to know what factors I need to pay attention to and which type to choose?

Can wifi jammers interfere with GPS in all frequency bands?

GPS positioning system is composed of many signals, it can help us achieve various positioning in our life and bring convenience to our life, I would like to know if there is any wifi jammer that can interfere with all GPS signals?

How to find and turn off the hidden candid camera?

Hello everyone, due to my work, I often travel to the hotel for business, but the news often reports that the hotel has many sneak cameras, they will spy on my privacy, is there any way to find and close them?

What kind of signal jammer is easy to use?

Hello everyone, I want to buy a signal jammer, any recommendations?

How to prevent being tracked by someone installing a locator?

Hello, I found that I was being followed after get off work recently, but I have no evidence. He seems to have installed a tracker on my car. How can I prevent tracking?

I found that on the train my mobile phone often has no signal, can't talk, can't send messages, why is this?

I need to travel a lot for work reasons, so I often take the train. I found a problem that my mobile phone has no signal at all on the train several times, and my mobile phone can't even send messages, which makes me very distressed. , I wonder why this is?

I found that the signal in many churches is very poor, the mobile phone can't send information, can't talk. Why?

I am a believer. I often go to church to pray on weekends, but the cell phone signal is very poor when I approach the church or enter the church. Sometimes I miss important calls because of this. What is the reason?

Many students play mobile phones, listen to music, and watch videos in class. This affects learning. How can I stop them?

I just graduated this year and became a teacher in a private high school. Since I have no experience and aura, my students are not afraid of me. They often play mobile phones, games, Facebook, and social networks in class. How can I stop me? them?

Does wifi emit radiation? Will it affect human health?

Our school is covered by campus wifi, so that our mobile phones can be connected anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient for us, but there are often news reports that routers will generate radiation, and radiation is harmful to people. I want to ask if it will affect us?

My child likes to play with the phone very much. He plays it all day long. He doesn't listen to what I say. How can I stop him?

The child just watched videos at first, and then started to play mobile games, and it became more and more serious. Now he plays games in the room all day, he can’t shout when he eats, and he doesn’t even go to school! What should I do? Very anxious! ! !

Employees are constantly using their phones in the toilet, how can I stop them?

I am the owner of a company. I found that my employees often use the toilet to leave their seats and hide in the toilet to play mobile phones and surf the Internet. This greatly affects work efficiency. Is there any better way?

I found a phenomenon: the mobile phone signal will be particularly poor when it comes to the exam, why is this?

Hello, I would like to reflect on one thing. Our school is taking an exam recently. When I am close to the classroom, the mobile phone signal will become very poor, and I can't even talk. Why is this?

Why is the signal from the library so bad?

Recently, I often visit the school library because of the final exam, but whenever I approach the library or walk into the library, my cell phone signal is cut off, which makes me miss many calls. What is the reason?

How can movie theaters stop customers' cell phones from ringing inappropriately?

Hello, I'm a movie fan, I often go to the cinema to watch movies, but I really hate the ringing of the phone next to me when I'm immersed in the plot of the movie, what should I do?

I suspect that I am being followed, what should I do?

Hello, I often find that when I am driving on the road, there are always cars behind me, they will go wherever I go, but I have no evidence to call the police, what should I do?

I found out that a lot of people are using wifi jammers, why do so many people use it?

Hi, I find it very easy for us to turn off our GPS location on our phone, just a finger click, why do they still use jammers to block the GPS signal?

Does WiFi signal jammer stop the siren from beeping?

Can a wifi signal jammer stop the siren from sounding, and what can I do to achieve this?

My room is being monitored by my parents, how can I prevent my parents from being monitored?

Hi, I found out that my parents have recently installed some kind of monitor secretly in my room, it is wireless, what should I do, will a signal jammer fix this?

How can I prevent my phone from being monitored by others? This is dangerous for me and I need to stop this!

Hello, a lot of news reports on the danger of mobile phone being monitored, which makes me feel very unsafe. For my work, this behavior must be stopped, and it is very harmful. What should I do?

Will two signal jammers work at the same time affect the signal jamming effect? Will they cooperate with each other?

Hi, I bought two jammers and put them inside my factory, I want them to work at the same time and cover my factory, is this possible? Or will they affect each other, reducing the interference range?

How to prevent employees from using mobile phones during work hours?

I opened a factory and found that many employees secretly play mobile phones during working hours, which greatly affects work efficiency and production safety. How can I stop it?

Can I use a wifi jammer to block annoying phone noise? This noise is maddening!

There are always annoying phone sounds around me, I'm going crazy, can I use a jammer to stop them?

How to stop WiFi jammers from working?

Hello, the use of cell phone signal jammers is often reported in the news, which affects our life communication, how can I stop it?

Can WiFi signal jammers protect personal privacy information? Can I use it?

Hello, the manufacturer, I want to know the details of the wifi jammer, can you tell me?

Where are signal jammers generally used? Is there a specific place?

I would like to know where they are used and what is the purpose of using them, can you tell me?

Is there an example of installing and using a WiFi signal blocker?

I've been wanting to buy a wifi jammer that can fit in my bedroom, but I haven't used it and haven't made up my mind yet. Are there any examples of applications for WiFi jammers?

How to choose a signal jammer?

I want to buy a signal jammer, which is mainly used to interfere with mobile phone signals and GPS signals. Is there any recommendation?

Can espionage be prevented by using a signal blocker?

GPS locators are very common in daily life, but they also have negative effects such as spying, illegal tracking, etc. Are there any jammers that block GPS locators?

I heard that the signal jammer can prevent cheating. What is its principle and where is it mainly used?

I often find that the mobile phone signal is very poor when it comes to the exam. I heard that the school installed it to prevent cheating. How does it work?

Is the gps system vulnerable to damage? What method is usually used?

GPS is used in many systems, such as banking and financial networks, communication networks, power distribution systems, etc. Can GPS be hacked? Is it easily broken?

When do wifi jammers start to interfere?

Hello, I have experience with radio and bluetooth works with 2.4 Ghz. What does a jammer do to block the signal? WLAN and bluetooth also interfere with each other somehow, but how do you manage to completely block the signal, what's going on there? Is it enough to transmit with enough power?

Building your own 4G LTE jammer?

Hi, I recently built a wifi jammer for all channels and then fit it nicely in a case... This time I want to build a 4G LTE jammer somehow. However, I don't know how I can do this now? Unfortunately, I can't find much on the internet either. PS...I am aware of the illegal effects.

Build a small jammer

Hello, because my sister is in front of her mobile phone all day, I want to build a jammer myself to paralyze the mobile phone network within a radius of up to 3m. Is there any instructions for this? And a jammer with such a small radius in the home is actually legal! operate?

Which jammer is suitable?

Are there jammers that can only disrupt WLAN on a laptop or phone?

What should I do if a jammer is affecting my Wi-Fi?

Hello everyone.

I have a question. We have been having issues with the wireless or WLAN in our school building for some time now. APs are from Apple. After some searching, found it to be a jammer through the internet. Now is the best. We believe the students made homemade jammers. Says using a wireless camera to interfere with the wireless signal.

Now our question. How can we solve or solve this problem? We can change the channel. But is this safe? How we protect ourselves without having to seek out sinners. How to solve these problems will be interesting.


Hi, I recently saw a report on TV that a car was "broken in"....with what is called a **jammer**** or also known as a **jammer. The maximum transmit frequency** of these transmitters is 433 MHz. I was shopping around conrad recently and found a 433 MHz transmitter. Is it really that easy to "hack" a car? Who can grow such a geräd? And use it to steal someone else's stuff?

Surveillance cameras have been paralyzed by jammers many times?

Good morning,

If I buy a wired surveillance camera, it can't be jammed with a jammer, can it?

Are these wired IP cameras?

Burglars often carry jammers with them.

How do cell phone jammers work?

I would like to know what is the jamming principle of the jammer, it is better to keep it simple.

How to build a signal jammer?


The company ordered a ban on mobile phones and wanted to install jammers, what do you think?

One would think that the smartphone phenomenon, now the cause of many psychopaths or addicts, is a major cause of burnout, and thus the result of some sick days! For example, in our company's own controlled study, it's worth noting that most sick leave records were submitted by people who always had their smartphones with them and felt they had to check them regularly every 2-5 minutes. Our boss doesn't want/can't fire anyone for guesswork, so explained to employees that mobile phones will be banned from tomorrow. Also, every exit from the building/property through the turnstile is recorded as it only opens when you put a chip on it. At least 10 minutes are deducted from the time account for each exit. Similar to an agreement with a smoker. Our boss believes that employees will be more focused on their work, and the company can write at least 90 minutes per person per day! This means that the investment in the jammer will pay for itself within a month. What do you think of such measures!

Listening to loud music with headphones is annoying - is there a jammer?

It annoys me when on a plane or train, when I need to concentrate, someone next to me is listening to music with headphones so loud that I can hear it. Then the whole headphone is useless. Is there such a device with which I can disturb the "waves"? I once noticed in the subway that someone had done it.

Are police jammers legal?

The use of jammers is illegal for private individuals and may be used by the police/government. But: can she do this under any circumstances? For example, in Switzerland, government use of jammers (systems) requires approval (see

Noise pollution from obtrusive young people with speakers - are there bluetooth jammers available for purchase?

I actually live in the suburbs, but there is a children's playground next door. A large group of teens and young adults showed up almost every night and they were noisy until late into the night.

When the police came, they just ran away and came back later.
So I thought to myself, I'm going to stop this later with a jammer that will temporarily cripple the connection from the phone to the box.

The problem is, I know very little about this subject.
So this is where your experts come in :)

Not an ethics expert, by the way. Just technologists.

A jammer in the yard?

We've been hearing a bad, high-pitched squeak on the balcony for days. 24 hours a day. I can't open the balcony peacefully. We also have a cat that doesn't want to set foot on the balcony anymore. I suspect this is a jammer. I was about to call the clerk's office. Will this bring anything? Is there any way I can do anything? I don't even know which party it was from...there are lots of balconies around the courtyard. Can be anyone. We were terrified. Help!

Cameras with LTE (SIM): Can you turn off LTE with a jammer?

Good morning,

I want to buy a video camera with a SIM card with data in it.

So I don't need WiFi or a power cord because it's battery powered.

Is it possible to block the sending somehow so that the internet connection is down and the camera can't send.

For WLAN cameras, this can be achieved with jammers. Is there something that also disables SIM sending?

I find this model interesting:

Reolink Go 3G/4G LTE Surveillance Camera

How to find a signal jammer manufacturer?

I want to find a professional signal jammer manufacturer to buy signal jammers in bulk. I need a professional jammer manufacturer with stable supply. It can also be said that I want to wholesale jamming equipment.

How to customize a signal jammer?

I want this jammer to have the signal band I want on it, but I can't find the combination of signal bands I want from the store, can you help me with it?

Can I use a jammer while charging? Will it be dangerous?

I bought a GPS signal jammer, it has a built-in battery, I would like to ask if it will be dangerous to use it while charging?

What is a GSM jammer? What is GSM signal?

What is the GSM signal, and is it related to the cell phone signal? Can cell phone jammers block GSM signals?

My dad bought a high power signal jammer, will it hurt us?

Have you heard that signal jammers do little harm to the human body, so the greater the power, the greater the harm to the human body? Will high power jammers harm my body?

I want to buy a jammer, what do I need to pay attention to?

I need to buy a signal jammer for our school to prevent students from cheating on their phones in the exam room, but what kind of jammer should I buy?

Can signal jammers affect signal amplifiers?

Signal jammers can affect the signal received by mobile phones, and signal amplifiers can enhance signal strength. So will signal jammers affect signal amplifiers?

Will using a signal jammer harm my phone?

The jammer can block the mobile phone signal, so will it affect the mobile phone, and will it have a bad influence on the mobile phone?

How to choose a high-performance mobile phone signal jammer?

As we all know, a good signal jammer needs to cover many aspects, not only the product performance is higher, the quality assurance is better, but the price is also very affordable, after all, there are many choices. Today's market, but customers often want to choose the one that best suits their needs. This is also a consideration to achieve the highest cost performance.

How to choose a prison cell phone signal blocker?

Prison is a special place, these places are to install mobile phone jammers, so what should you pay attention to when installing jammers in prisons?

What is the interference distance of cell phone signal jammers?

The jamming range of cell phone jammers is always blurry. Is there a more scientific explanation and what is the scope?

Why do factories like to install cell phone jammers?

I found that many factories like to install signal jammers, I would like to ask what is the specific reason?

How to use a cell phone signal blocker?

Nowadays, people cannot live without their mobile phones. Everyone has their phones on them all day, but some places block their signal. The following will give you a brief introduction to the use and use of telephone signal jammers. What is the use of cell phone signal blocking?

The school needs to install a mobile phone signal blocker. Will the purchase of a portable WiFi be blocked?

Our school has installed a mobile phone signal jammer. I thought of a cracking method. I bought a portable wifi. Can my mobile phone connect to the wifi to access the Internet?

Can signal jammers go through walls?

In response to the increasingly rampant electronic signal cheating methods, many schools have even purchased test signal jammers as a countermeasure, but their effective range is limited, so new problems have arisen. Do jammers still work?

How to prevent being secretly photographed and videotaped in the hotel?

When browsing the news online, I see a lot of news stories about candid cameras and videos, especially in hotels. How can I prevent this from happening?

Is there any way to keep children from being addicted to mobile games?

I know that playing mobile phones is addictive and it is common for children to be addicted to mobile games, but I am really worried about my child's health and vision. They play mobile games day and night. I tried to stop him, but he stopped listening to my advice. what should I do?

Is there any way to block or interfere with the gps signal?

I bought a mortgage car, and I heard that many of the mortgage cars are equipped with GPS trackers, which are used to recycle the car at any time, what should I do with it?

Are there 5G signal jammers on the market?

When will 5G signals become popular? Is there a market for 5g signal jammers? Will it come along with the spread of 5G signals?

What are the advantages of a high quality gsm signal jammer?

What is the gsm signal? Are there any jammers that interfere with the GSM signal?

Can using a cell phone jammer prevent candidates from cheating on their cell phones?

How to avoid this in the US by cheating college students by sending text messages or taking exam photos?

How can jammers disable or affect surveillance in your home?

Worried about thieves using jammers to destroy surveillance cameras at home, but don't know why. Can anyone explain?

How likely are thieves to use Wifi jammers? How do wifi jammers interfere with wifi?

I've been worried about thieves bringing wifi jammers into my home for jamming monitoring. is it possible?

How to avoid cell phone signal interference?

There are always cell phone jammers in schools and movie theaters. Is there any way to avoid the effects of jammers?

What are the most popular jammers in 2022? What are the characteristics?

Always wanted to buy a jammer to block the signal around me, but don't know the most popular jammer this year. What do you suggest?

What are the factors that affect the shielding radius of a signal jammer?

We know that the interference effect of different signal jammers is different. What factors affect their interference radius?

How to stop church members from using cell phones at church?

The church is a sacred place, and the priest reminded parishioners to turn off their phones before the service began, but some still did not follow. How to prevent this?

How to prevent the phone from ringing at inopportune times?

On some important occasions, the phone rings every few minutes. This is a real problem, like at weddings sometimes the groom forgets to even turn off the phone. How to prevent this?

These days, signal jammers are used in many situations and they are very popular, but where do I need to buy them?

I need a signal jammer, it can jam many kinds of signals, where can I buy it?

Why use a mobile phone signal jammer in the exam room?

Why is there always no signal on my mobile phone in the exam room, is there a jammer installed?

Is there a WiFi jammer that blocks all phones?

I want a jammer that can interfere with 2/3/4g mobile phone signal or even 5g signal, if it can interfere with wifi2.4/5.8GHZ and GPS signal, it will be even better, is there any recommendation?

How can I prevent the driver from making a phone call while driving, this is dangerous driving, I need to ban him, what should I do instead?

People talking on their mobile phones while driving can be dangerous and can even lead to major safety accidents. How to prevent this phenomenon?

How to mute the phone in the car?

The mobile phone in the car is always ringing, very noisy, I want to make my journey more quiet, what should I do?

How can I prevent the government from tracking my car's location?

The 9th District Court of Appeals just ruled that it is legal for police to attach a GPS locator to your car in the driveway of the property, how can I prevent this tracking.

Why do the same WiFi jammers interfere more outdoors than indoors?

I tested the same jammer both indoors and outdoors and found that the shielding radius was farther outdoors than indoors. what is the reason?

Can a WiFi blocker be used to counter GPS positioning?

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, GPS has played a pivotal role and has become the second largest consumer group after the automobile market. GPS is a new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system that has been developed by the United States since the 1970s. It took 20 years and cost 20 billion US dollars. It was fully completed in 1994. . Can a WiFi signal jammer block mobile phone signals at the same time and prevent mobile phone positioning?

Do Signal Jammers Affect Wireless Home Alarm Systems?

Is there a device that can interfere with a wireless home alarm system? Can using a jammer disable or block your wireless home security system?

I want a wifi signal jammer, how can i legally use a wifi jammer?

Signal jammers are not allowed in many places. How to legally buy and use a WiFi jammer?

What signals can multi-band signal jammers block, and can they block 5g signals?

I want to buy a jammer that can block mobile phone, GPS, and WiFi frequency bands at the same time, please help to recommend one.

What is a wifi jammer?

Our company's wireless network is often damaged, which will cause property damage to the company, how can I protect it? Can a wifi signal blocker stop it?

Do many temples use WiFi signal blockers?

I have heard that many temples in many countries are using WiFi blockers. Why do they do this?

Is it risky to use a cell phone signal blocker?

In many countries, the law prohibits the use of jammers by the rest of the population except government departments. Is it risky to use such devices privately?

Can a WiFi blocker be used to make my child put down the phone and not answer the phone?

In this information age, technology is developing more and more, mobile phones are constantly being updated, and their functions are becoming more and more powerful. Many people have become highly dependent on mobile phones, playing with mobile phones when eating, playing with mobile phones when going to school, and even walking on the street. How to get them to put down their phones when they are looking down at their phones?

Who would choose to buy a signal jammer? Where is it used?

Smartphones are being used more and more and their applications are getting wider and wider. The wireless signal jammer automatically forms an interfering magnetic field in the designated area, causing the mobile phone to lose communication with the base station. If the wireless signal jammer is in working state, it can make the cell phone signal sending and receiving function within the interference range ineffective. The emergence of wireless signal jammers is to reasonably avoid and interfere with mobile phone related signals, so who will use it?

How can I prevent being tracked by others using GPS location?

GPS positioning system is very common in our life, we can often buy GPS locator online, which is annoying, how can I prevent being tracked?

Is it illegal to use a WiFi jammer? Why?

In many countries, it is illegal to sell and use WiFi signal jammers, mainly because of what?

What is a wifi signal blocking device and what does it do?

What is the principle of WiFi signal interference? How does it work?

What do I need to pay attention to if I want to buy a wifi blocker?

I want to buy a WiFi signal jammer, different signal jammers have different sizes and functions. What should I pay attention to when buying a WiFi jammer?

What are the advantages of WiFi signal jammers? Where is it mainly used?

I found that WiFi signal jammers are installed in many places, what are their main advantages?

Are the jammers installed in French prisons any different?

Most signal interceptors are produced in Asia, for example in Mumbai, India. So what's the difference between jammers installed in prisons?

Do wifi signal jammers affect GPS positioning?

There are many GPS applications in our lives, it is related to the convenience of our lives, and rescuers also use GPS positioning to carry out rescue. I would like to ask if the use of wifi signal jammers will affect GPS?

How can I prevent other people from interfering with my phone using a wifi signal jammer?

I use my phone to connect to wifi to surf the Internet at home, but sometimes the wifi signal is poor, I suspect someone is using a wifi signal jammer, how can I stop it?

Which is more powerful, WiFi jammer or cell phone signal booster? Will wifi signal jammers affect cell phone signal boosters?

The cell phone signal in my house is very poor, so I will use a cell phone signal booster, but the neighbor has a wifi jammer, I would like to ask if the wifi jammer will affect the cell phone signal booster?

How to know and recognize cell phone jammers?

We use mobile phones every day, but often find that the mobile phone signal is very poor, or even directly interrupted, which prevents us from making calls and surfing the Internet. How can I determine if someone near me is using a mobile phone signal blocker?

Why use a signal interceptor? what does it do

The life of modern people is almost inseparable from the mobile phone. We use it for communication and shopping, but the mobile phone signal jammer will interfere with the mobile phone and make us unable to use it normally. I would like to ask what is the function of the mobile phone signal jammer?