I found out that a lot of people are using wifi jammers, why do so many people use it?

Hi, I find it very easy for us to turn off our GPS location on our phone, just a finger click, why do they still use jammers to block the GPS signal?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

Mobile phones will make a lot of noise during use, such as video noise, music noise, etc. These noises make it difficult for us to fall asleep. Using wifi jammer can interfere with mobile phone signals and WiFi signals, and mobile phone noise can be solved.

As for turning off the GPS program, it might help in simpler situations. If someone tries to track your location through your phone's GPS program and you turn off the GPS program, they will lose their connection to it. However, if a more serious organization like the CIA or FBI really wants to track you via GPS technology, they can make it work even with this module turned off.