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Radio frequency (RF) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency, which means the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space, and the frequency range is from 300kHz to 300GHz. Radio frequency is radio frequency current, referred to as RF, which is an abbreviation of high-frequency alternating electromagnetic waves. The alternating current that changes less than 1,000 times per second is called low-frequency current, and the one that changes more than 10,000 times is called high-frequency current, and radio frequency is such a high-frequency current. Radio frequency (300K-300G) is a higher frequency band of high frequency (greater than 10K), and microwave frequency band (300M-300G) is a higher frequency band of radio frequency.

Radio peak jammers have little effect on people because they operate on the same frequency as the equipment being suppressed. That is, if you block a wave of Wi-Fi, the suppressor will run it on the same frequency of 2400 MHz and won't hurt you any more than the Wi-Fi. With the advent of Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G and other networks, we face maximum harm every day.

An RF jammer is a static, mobile or handheld device that transmits large amounts of radio frequency energy to the drone, shielding the controller signal.

Pros: Moderate cost, non-power neutral.

Disadvantages: Short range, may affect (and interfere with) other radio communications, may cause unpredictable behavior of the drone, may inadvertently send the drone to its target.

Interception Types of RF Jamming Devices

Radio frequency jammer: According to the object of interference, radio frequency interference is mainly divided into communication interference, radar interference, navigation interference, guidance interference, fuze interference and identification friend or foe interference. Communication jamming refers to the introduction of radio frequency jamming signals during radio communication transmissions to disrupt or destroy enemy radio communications. Radar jamming refers to the use of active and passive jamming to destroy radar detection and tracking of real targets. Navigational interference refers to interference with radio navigation systems. Guidance jamming is interference with radio command remote guidance and radar guidance systems. Fuze jamming refers to the jamming of radio proximity fuzes of enemy weapons. IFF jamming refers to deceptive jamming by simulating the enemy's response signal.

Are Portable RF Blocker As Effective As Bomb Jammers?

A: It depends on several factors. Many manufacturers claim how their portable RF jammers will use their jamming methods and the jamming methods they employ. While we do not explain in detail how portable radio frequency jammers such as portable jammers are involved in countering IEDs to the public, we can reveal open source information.

These factors are the jamming methods used by portable radio frequency jammers; the spatial factor involving the radio transmitter in relation to the radio receiver and the characteristics of the knock signal in relation to the specific frequencies used by the RCIED.

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