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What Is A Signal Jammers?

A signal blocker is an anti-electronic communication device that can block signal propagation. When you turn it on, it will generate a signal band with the same frequency as the communication device, which has achieved the effect of interference. This principle is similar to someone in your ear. Talking loudly, its sound decibel exceeds all the sounds of the surrounding environment, so that the device cannot "hear" other signals, so as to achieve the purpose of blocking.

Why Use A Signal Disruptor?

In the 21st century, the emergence of various intelligent signal devices has made our lives more convenient and fast, but technology is a double-edged sword, and it has also caused us a lot of trouble: when you watch a movie quietly in the cinema, the surrounding audience The ringtone of the mobile phone will ring at an untimely time, disturbing your interest in watching movies; when your child uses a mobile phone to connect to wifi and is addicted to games/social networks and affects learning; when you are installed GPS trackers that leak your specific itinerary. The personal safety hazards; when drones sneak into your courtyard to secretly photograph your personal life privacy, these troubles, signal jammers can help you eliminate them.

How Do I Use A Frequency Jammer And Is It Necessary To Block Full-band Signals?

With the development of science and technology, the current signal jammer is very convenient to use. It only needs you to turn on the switch and open the signal frequency band you want to shield. After 2-5s, the signal shielding can be completed. It can only block the mobile phone signal and Do not block WiFi signals, only interfere with the frequency you want to interfere without affecting the use of other smart technology devices.

Now the signal frequency bands of smart devices are as high as dozens or even hundreds, and the signal frequency bands of each device are different. If you want to block the communication signals of all frequency bands, only military jammers can achieve this effect, but if we use them in our daily life There is absolutely no need to block signals in all frequency bands, just block the most important signal frequency bands.

Of course, we can also customize the signal frequency band you want to block without extra charge.

How Far Can A Signal Blocker Jamming?

The range that can be shielded depends on the power of the signal scrambler and the surrounding environment and signal strength. For example, the presence of walls and wood will affect the transmission distance of the signal jammer. Low-power radio jammer can shield a radius of about 1-10 meters. Circle range, if conditions are ideal, high-power jamming device can even block areas with a radius of more than 100 meters.

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Scenarios where jammers are used: conference rooms

If you're the boss and need a meeting, you can't make calls or prevent others from monitoring calls. You can prevent the use of your phone by installing a handheld jammer device.See more >>


A new study in the UK shows that using mobile phones in the classroom is not conducive to learning, especially for students with poor academic performance. Teachers can use cell phone signal jammers to prevent students from using mobile phones and affect learning.See more >>

  • Restaurant Signal Blocker

    When you are having lunch, if suddenly the phone rings, you may be making noise while eating, how would you feel? May you have a very bad memory. That's why more and more restaurants are starting to answer phones at doors marked with restaurant bans. However, it is clear that the effect is poor. So restaurant operators have to choose to use jamming devices.See more >>

  • Cinema

    When you are watching a movie in the cinema and you are watching, suddenly someone answers the phone next to you. It will definitely make you very disgusted. Some cinema operators have suggested that the government install mobile phone signal jammers.See more >>

  • Prison

    Prisons use signal interception devices to prevent prisoners from using mobile phones to communicate with the outside world, resulting in illegal phenomena such as jailbreaks and riots.See more >>

  • Library

    Libraries use cell phone jamming devices to prevent readers from making loud calls from cell phones and maintain a quiet learning environment.See more >>