6 Band Drone Jamming Gun


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WRJ-Q02 is a six-frequency high-power directional gun-type UAV countermeasure device with built-in lithium battery, which is convenient and simple to operate and can realize single-frequency control. The connection between the drones, thus forcing the UAV to return home. And after the UAV is under control, the image transmission channel is cut off, and it will not be able to transmit video, aerial photos, or receive any instructions from the ground remote control, so as to achieve the protection of key areas and prevent privacy from being leaked .

Main Indicator Parameters
Working frequency band/power 425-440MHz Power 10W
830-919MHz Power 10W
1100-1300MHz power 40W
1555-1620MHz Power 10W
2400-2500MHz Power 40W
5825-5852MHz power 20W
battery capacity 24V 5A/H
Power display Power display
Counter ability Return
counter distance 1000-1500 meters
counter angle 10°
battery life 1 hour
charging method 29.4V charging adapter
size Length*Width*Height: 685*225*75mm
weight 5Kg
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