How can I prevent my phone from being monitored by others? This is dangerous for me and I need to stop this!

Hello, a lot of news reports on the danger of mobile phone being monitored, which makes me feel very unsafe. For my work, this behavior must be stopped, and it is very harmful. What should I do?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

How to prevent mobile phone from being eavesdropped, tracked and located, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Pseudo base station eavesdropping. The fake base station does not transmit signals, only receives signals, but the signal blocker can intelligently identify and find the mobile phone that is intended to eavesdrop, (it can obtain the IMSI number of each mobile phone in the air). The reason is that the IMSI number is like the ID number of a mobile phone, which is unique. Solution: ① Under normal circumstances, the mobile phone is in a safe state when it is actually turned off. It's safer to have the battery unplugged again, as no chip will function without power. ②If the mobile phone has been modified and there is an extra rechargeable battery in it, it is very likely that it is still being monitored. In order to prevent eavesdropping, another trick is to turn off the mobile phone and put it in an airtight metal box.

2. The SIM card is copied. In the case of a mother card, it is very easy to copy the SIM card, similar to copying other files, as long as there is a machine, anyone can do it. Note: These online sales can be copied without a mother card, and most of them are deceptive. Solution: Report the loss as soon as possible after losing the SIM card. Under normal circumstances, to prevent the SIM card from being copied, as long as mobile phone users keep their mobile phone SIM card and password, it is impossible for criminals to clone the mobile phone card out of thin air.

3. Install the micro bug. For example, installing tiny bugs in cell phones. Solution: ① Don't let strangers approach your phone. ② When buying or repairing a mobile phone, it is best to go to a regular professional store, and it is best not to lend the mobile phone to strangers. ③ Be careful about the mobile phone given by others, maybe it is a modified mobile phone. ④ Make noise when talking on the phone.

4. Bluetooth switch. Method: Do not turn on Bluetooth in crowded and mixed places.

5. Dangerous free WiFi. Criminals set up a WiFi network that can be connected without a password in cafes, shopping malls and other places where people gather. The network name is the same as the official free WiFi name of the merchant and the shopping center, which attracts Internet users to connect, and it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the authenticity of it.

6. Mobile phone undercover software. Mobile phone hackers are more terrifying than fake base stations, and they're almost ubiquitous. Solution: Antivirus, or format the hard disk of the mobile phone by flashing the machine, or change a new machine.