Smartphone Addiction: Advice on Fighting Digital Poisoning

According to a report published in the Spanish newspaper Le Monde, although technology can bring us benefits and make our lives easier, it is also a double-edged sword, and there are also many drawbacks - overuse Smartphones take a toll on our bodies, brains, and even emotions. How can we stop smartphone addiction?
Topsignaljammer  2022.
The report's author, Luisa Valerio, warned about the effects of radiation waves emitted by advanced electronics, and that light from screens can also cause some problems for the brain and eyes, especially in the dark This type of light can disrupt sleep and cause fatigue when using these devices.

Here, we give you some tips that can detoxify technology:

1. Don't keep your smartphone close to you while you sleep

Avoid putting your phone next to your bed while you sleep. If we're looking to get a good night's sleep, or be able to effectively plan for the day right after waking up, then this is a meaningful solution that doesn't mess up your schedule with your phone.

2. Set time to check for emails and notifications

Luisa points out that we should dedicate some time each day to reading and replying to messages, because typically checking email once or twice a day, lasting no more than 45 minutes, is more than enough.

3. Place your smartphone a few meters away from you

The best way to get rid of an addiction, says Luisa, is to place the device a few meters away from you, preferably out of your sight. This effectively stops you from constantly checking social media because every time you want to do it, having to stand up and walk a few meters to pick up your phone will make you more deliberate and think if it's worth it .

4. Make your phone look boring

Luisa also mentioned a more innovative solution, which is to avoid decorating the phone to prevent it from being overly eye-catching. In this regard, for example, you can change the color of the phone to gray, which reduces the visual stimulation of the screen and reduces our dependence on the phone.

5. Turn on restricted cell phone jammers

If these solutions aren't enough, you can also use cell phone jammer that allow them to close websites if they're overdue, or limit the number of times we browse the web. Plus, you can put your favorite apps in hard-to-reach folders.