What should I do if a jammer is affecting my Wi-Fi?

Hello everyone.

I have a question. We have been having issues with the wireless or WLAN in our school building for some time now. APs are from Apple. After some searching, found it to be a jammer through the internet. Now is the best. We believe the students made homemade jammers. Says using a wireless camera to interfere with the wireless signal.

Now our question. How can we solve or solve this problem? We can change the channel. But is this safe? How we protect ourselves without having to seek out sinners. How to solve these problems will be interesting.

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

There is nothing you can do about jammers other than removing the signal jammer. In the case of broadband jammers, changing the channel usually does not help, since the broadband signal blocks several or all channels.
Changing from 2.4 to 5.7GHz or vice versa might help as a solution to the problem. Of course, this only works as long as the other frequency range is not also disturbed.

As far as I know, setting up jamming transmitters is forbidden in Germany... This doesn't help against transmitters that have been set up, but at least you have a handle against the setter (if he can be identified).

Searching shouldn't be that easy. You will probably need a device with a suitable directional antenna in order to be able to locate the station...

The RegTP helps against interference: They have the appropriate direction finding and measuring equipment.