Can a WiFi blocker be used to counter GPS positioning?

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, GPS has played a pivotal role and has become the second largest consumer group after the automobile market. GPS is a new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system that has been developed by the United States since the 1970s. It took 20 years and cost 20 billion US dollars. It was fully completed in 1994. . Can a WiFi signal jammer block mobile phone signals at the same time and prevent mobile phone positioning?

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GPS, or Global Positioning System, can provide accurate geographic location anywhere in the world. And it will not be affected by the environment and climate, and is widely used in automobiles, mobile phones, logistics and other fields.

If it is a pure wifi jammer, it cannot prevent GPS positioning, but now many signal blocker can block wifi, GPS, mobile phone signals, and use it to block GPS signals and prevent positioning.