Can wifi jammers interfere with GPS in all frequency bands?

GPS positioning system is composed of many signals, it can help us achieve various positioning in our life and bring convenience to our life, I would like to know if there is any wifi jammer that can interfere with all GPS signals?

Topsignaljammer  2022.

The best way to block GPS positioning is to choose a GPS jammer, and this signal blocker must have three points:

First, it can block GPS positioning.

The second is that it can shield the Beidou positioning.

The third is to shield the base station positioning.

The silver layer on the surface of the ceramic antenna can affect the resonant frequency of the antenna. The ideal GPS ceramic chip frequency is exactly 1575.42MHz, but the antenna frequency is very easily affected by the surrounding environment.

Especially when it is installed in the whole machine, it is necessary to adjust the shape of the silver surface coating to keep the frequency point at 1575.42MHz again. Therefore, GPS complete machine manufacturers must cooperate with antenna manufacturers when purchasing antennas and provide complete machine samples for testing.