The company ordered a ban on mobile phones and wanted to install jammers, what do you think?

One would think that the smartphone phenomenon, now the cause of many psychopaths or addicts, is a major cause of burnout, and thus the result of some sick days! For example, in our company's own controlled study, it's worth noting that most sick leave records were submitted by people who always had their smartphones with them and felt they had to check them regularly every 2-5 minutes. Our boss doesn't want/can't fire anyone for guesswork, so explained to employees that mobile phones will be banned from tomorrow. Also, every exit from the building/property through the turnstile is recorded as it only opens when you put a chip on it. At least 10 minutes are deducted from the time account for each exit. Similar to an agreement with a smoker. Our boss believes that employees will be more focused on their work, and the company can write at least 90 minutes per person per day! This means that the investment in the jammer will pay for itself within a month. What do you think of such measures!

Topsignaljammer  2022.3

Totally makes sense! If you check your phone, read or send messages "every 2 to 5 minutes", you're not very productive during that time...if you can't even say "hours fraud". And if it were necessary to install signal jammer to make this ban (understood by management as a form of "self-defense") enforceable, that would be perfectly understandable. Anyone who thinks they have to use their phone all the time has to pay the consequences (time deduction). Work should be more important to employees than Whatsapp & Co., at least for the time they spend at work. No one should be surprised. For emergencies, the company certainly has an office that can be connected to a landline, for example, if something bad happens at home. Been there before. .