What are the factors that affect the shielding radius of a signal jammer?

We know that the interference effect of different signal jammers is different. What factors affect their interference radius?

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The effective interference range of the signal blocker mainly depends on the following points:

1. The size of its own power. Because the interference range of the jammer is related to the power, it is necessary to purchase a machine with appropriate power when purchasing to meet the needs. For example: a low-power wireless frequency jammer within 30W, the interference range is about 10-60 meters.

2. The distance from the base station. Some radio frequency jammers have little effect on mobile phones because there are base stations nearby.

3. Are there any obstructions around? The interference signal emitted by the jammer will be attenuated to varying degrees after passing through the obstruction, which needs to be avoided.

To sum up the above, the interference range of the wireless frequency jammer is affected by a variety of factors.