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In 2023, when cell phones are popular, mobile phones have shortened the distance between people and brought great convenience to people. However, GSM cell phone are a double-edged sword. While it brings convenience to people, it also brings The expected disadvantages have resulted in the cell phone killer - mobile phone jammer. This article will give you a detailed introduction to various information about cell signal jammer.

The principle of mobile jammer

The mobile jammer (also known as cell phone signal blocker) is to use the principle of electromagnetic interference to prevent wireless signal transmission between cellular phones and base stations.

The wireless communication signal between the cell phone and the base station is based on radio frequency (RF) technology. The phone jammer will send interference signals to the mobile phone, so that the it cannot receive and send signals normally. These interference signals include electromagnetic waves or microwave signals, which can interfere with the wireless signal transmission between the mobile phone and the base station, so that the cellphone cannot be used normally.

The specific working principle of the cell phone blocker is to use electronic circuits to generate electromagnetic signals of a certain frequency, which will interfere with the communication signals between the mobile phone and the base station. Since the interfering signal and the communication signal are transmitted on the same frequency, they will cancel each other out, resulting in the mobile phone not being able to receive the signal from the base station.

The application of cell phone jammers in important occasions

The problems in exam situations are well known. The use of unauthorized aids such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, wearables or similar in exam situations is considered an attempt at cheating.

For some time now, auditors have been increasingly observing a remedy through the use of so-called mobile phone jammers.

Cell phone signal jammer have become standard in important places such as exam rooms/prisons/churches/governments. Now important exam rooms need cell phone blocking device to prevent candidates from contacting the outside world through wireless signals. The current cell phone jammer is full frequency band, it can block all gsm 2/3/4/5G signals and 2.4/5.8G WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals under all communication operators. cell phone blocker principle is that the frequency of its own communication facilities will interfere with the frequency of the receiving the base station and the wireless router, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding them.

In important places such as examination rooms and prisons, cell phone jammer are used to block the signal. If there is no signal, the mobile phone naturally cannot communicate with the outside world. There are large and small exams in our life, the middle school entrance examination and the college entrance examination, the fourth and sixth grade exams. All are very important exams in life. In order to prevent candidates from cheating and ensure the fairness of the test, cell phone blockers are essential.

The shielding device is mainly used in various examination rooms, courts, detention centers, conference centers (rooms), government, military and other places where communication tools are prohibited from entering. So how should you choose a suitable cell phone gsm blocker according to your needs? From the manufacturer’s point of view, if you choose improperly, the installation will have no effect, it will easily cause the product to be returned or exchanged, waste time and waste freight, topsignaljammer Teach you how to choose a cell phone jammer that suits your needs.

The selection of a cell phone signal jammer is mainly through three dimensions: according to the type of signal to be shielded, the power level, and the appearance.

Jammer Cell Phone Type Of Signal

First, the shielded signals can be divided into wireless signals transmitted by mobile communication base stations, Wi-Fi, etc., in addition to 2.4GWIFI, 5.8GWIFI, VHF, UHF,GSM and other frequency bands. This kind of frequency band can be combined according to different needs, and can form different kinds of mobile phone jammer. Therefore, you must first understand the signal you want to shield. The mobile phone signals that are normally shielded are 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 2.4G, but 5g cell phone signal jammers that can shield 5g signals are already the mainstream of purchase.

Phone Blocker Power Level

Second, the power of the cell phone jammer: generally divided into low power, medium power, and high power. Low power: total power 3W-80W. Medium power: total power 80W-160W, high power: total power 160W-800W. Except for special occasions, it is generally not recommended to use high-power cell phone blocker, which will seriously interfere with the base station signal transmission and also have a certain degree of radiation to the human body. For standardized examination rooms and conference rooms, it is recommended to use low power. Even if a low power can not achieve the effect in some places, you can choose multiple cellular layouts. This effect is better than the effect of using a single medium or high power, and the radiation is not that big.

Cell Phone Signal Jammer Appearance

Third, the appearance is not particularly important compared to the shield signal, but the structure of the installation is different. From the appearance, cell phone signal jammer can be divided into external antennas and internal antennas. The external antennas extend outward due to the external antennas. The external antennas are more stable because of the extended antennas. In addition to the external power adapter of the antenna, the external antenna of the machine is also external, so compared with the built-in antenna, it occupies a larger space. Generally speaking, the antenna and power supply of the built-in antenna are installed in the case, which occupies a larger area. Small and convenient to use.

Does Cell Phone GSM Jammer Really Work?

In the room where the gsm signal jammer is installed, if you use a mobile phone, you will find that there is no way to make a call, no way to answer it, let alone connect to the Internet, and naturally no way to receive information. In addition, if there is a test room signal jammer with Bluetooth function, then the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone cannot be used. This avoids the possibility of making or receiving calls with something like a bluetooth headset. The signal jammer will not interfere with the work of other electronic equipment. After using the signal jammer, it is safer and more concealed.

Interference Distance Of Jammer For Cell Phone Signal?

The effective shielding range of cell phone blocker mainly depends on the following points:
1. The power of the jammer itself.
2. The distance and density of base stations around you.
3. Field wall environment.
Based on the above, the shielding range of mobile phone signal blockers is not determined by a single factor. It is recommended to buy several gsm jammers with different powers to test before buying in large quantities to see how the actual shielding effect is. Then decide which shield to choose.

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