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The frequency signal jammer can emit the same frequency as the target object, under this effect, it can disrupt the signal reception of cell phones and other equipment, so as to achieve a good jamming effect. This series is the most popular jammer of Topsignaljammer.

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Scenarios where jammers are used: conference rooms

If you're the boss and need a meeting, you can't make calls or prevent others from monitoring calls. You can prevent the use of your phone by installing a handheld jammer device.See more >>



A new study in the UK shows that using mobile phones in the classroom is not conducive to learning, especially for students with poor academic performance. Teachers can use cell phone signal jammers to prevent students from using mobile phones and affect learning.

  • Restaurant Signal Blocker

    When you are having lunch, if suddenly the phone rings, you may be making noise while eating, how would you feel? May you have a very bad memory. That's why more and more restaurants are starting to answer phones at doors marked with restaurant bans. However, it is clear that the effect is poor. So restaurant operators have to choose to use jamming devices.

  • Cinema

    When you are watching a movie in the cinema and you are watching, suddenly someone answers the phone next to you. It will definitely make you very disgusted. Some cinema operators have suggested that the government install mobile phone signal jammers.

  • Prison

    Prisons use signal interception devices to prevent prisoners from using mobile phones to communicate with the outside world, resulting in illegal phenomena such as jailbreaks and riots.

  • Library

    Libraries use cell phone jamming devices to prevent readers from making loud calls from cell phones and maintain a quiet learning environment.


What are signal jamming device and electronic jammers?

A signal jammer is a device used to interfere with radio frequencies. It can emit high-frequency signals that interfere with the normal operation of other radio equipment.

In order to apply to different usage scenarios, Signal blocker derives a variety of different types:, including fixed, adjustable, and programmable. The signal frequency output by fixed jammers is fixed, while adjustable and programmable jammers can adapt to different jamming needs by adjusting the frequency or amplitude.

What is the blocking principle of signal scrambler?

The principle of the jamming device is to interfere with the normal operation of other equipment by sending out high-frequency signals. These signals are usually emitted in a specific frequency band, usually the radio frequency band. They can be emitted at a fixed frequency, a changing frequency, or a random frequency.

Application scenarios of jammer signal blocker

Signal Disruptor have a wide range of applications, it can be used for a variety of purposes, including protecting classified information, preventing radios from being snooped or tracked, or jamming the signals of other radios. They can be used in government, military, business or personal fields.but they can also cause interference with the normal use of radio equipment. Therefore when using a signal jammer, you need to pay attention to the surrounding environment to avoid interfering with irrelevant equipment or causing unnecessary interference.

Signal jammer is a useful radio device that can be used for a variety of purposes. However, due to their special nature, care needs to be taken when using them to ensure that they do not cause unnecessary interference to radio communications.

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