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If you are planning to buy a GPS jammer, you may know what it does, that is, it interferes with GPS signals and prevents tracking. Here, we will explain it in detail.

Before understanding anti tracking devices, we need to understand how its counterpart - the GPS locator works.

GPS devices all need a phone card. The current location information calculated by the position module is uploaded from the communication base station to the positioning server through this card for users to query.

Drive with confidence thanks to your gps blocker for car

For a while, you feel like you're being followed. Even if you have doubts about this person, you cannot openly accuse them at this time. So you tell yourself that there must be a device that will help you stay undetected. You are right, we can provide you with a car GPS signal jammer.

This gps jammer for vehicles is as discreet as it is easy to use. By plugging it into your cigarette lighter and turning it on, you prevent any GPS from working near your location.

A real tracking device equipment that makes the happiness of people caught in the shadows.

Many of us have been constantly monitored, our whereabouts are constantly exposed, and tracked. If you don’t know the tracking locator, you can’t do anything about it. You can only keep your anonymity so that you will not be deprived of your privacy. But modern technology has helped us, gps tracker blocker can interfere with all GPS signals, make the tracker invalid, and ensure the safety of our vehicle location.

GPS Tracker Blocker - Advantages With Significant Consequences

It should be well known that GPS tracker has many advantages.

Many assassins have already used the possibilities of position determination to locate the potential victim at any time tracking. In addition, many private individuals use their mobile phone to locate their partner because they are jealous and suspect unfaithful behavior.Finally, location determination also enables an assassin to locate the victim and carry out the planned attack.

If your own smartphone has been registered with a location service, you can determine where you are at any time. This means that if you tell your wife, for example, that you drive to work when you are actually meeting up with some buddies for a beer, it will be easy for the wife to expose the lie.

Also, some teenagers certainly don't want their parents to know right away when they first meet their boyfriend or girlfriend.

But even in less dramatic cases, GPS tracking has some negative aspects.

There are certain risks and controversies about how to use a GPS tracker. For example, some people may use it to monitor and track the whereabouts of others, which involves issues of privacy and personal freedom. Additionally, the use of GPS trackers may be subject to legal and regulatory restrictions in some countries.

Therefore, how to confuse GPS tracking has become a difficult problem, but with the emergence of tracking jammers, tracker blockers have become weapons against tracking and positioning.

Working principle of GPS Blocker:

GPS Jammer Mainly through the release of radio interference waves, jam gps signal the GPS locator can be disabled within the specified electromagnetic band range, forming the same electromagnetic environment as the device to achieve the purpose of blocking the signal.

How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking ?

Two methods of blocking GPS signals. First: directly remove the two lines of the locator. Second: go to the electronic market to buy a GPS signal jammer, but first of all, it is necessary to distinguish what kind of signal tracking method is used by the GPS on your car.

There are only two ways of signal tracking: (1) mobile phone signal. (2) Direct satellite tracking signal.

Generally, GPS locators use mobile phone + gps signal for positioning,when the jammer is turned on, all communication devices within range will be disabled.However, such a device also has disadvantages for the user. The signal jammer can only be turned on temporarily, and cannot be used forever. As long as the Car GPS blocker is turned off, the GPS signal will be available again.

There Is Now A Technique That Prevents A Position From Being Located: The Anti GPS Jammers

If you carry a so-called GPS jammer with you, the signals of the Global Positioning System are disturbed, which makes it impossible to carry out a GPS fix. A jammer is able to switch off the complete reception of the GPS satellites.

This technique has a side effect that can be seen as both positive and negative. Because if a GPS anti tracking jammer has been activated, You will not be able to use GPS navigation yourself, when the jammer is turned on, it not only blocks the signal of the GPS tracker, it also blocks the GPS signal near you as well. But this can also be seen as an advantage. Because while some people complain about the lack of flexibility, this is the real reason for the other people to buy.

Use Topsignaljammer in car gps jammer :

Everyone can use a GPS tracker, but there are always times when you want to hide from prying eyes. To stop gps tracking, use GPS signal jammer, there is no device in the world that can determine the coordinates of people and cars.

The feature of Topsignaljammer GPS scrambler is this: it can not only block gps beacons, but also can selectively shield mobile phone functions, Internet connections and other frequencies-this versatility is achieved because the device can operate in all available ranges. portable size can be easily placed in the car, carried with you, or can be placed in an inconspicuous place. It is a vehicles gos jammer that is especially suitable for buying or using mortgage cars, muck cars, rental cars, loan cars and all kinds of GPS trackers installed!

What signals are GPS Tracker Blocker blocking? What frequency bands are GPSL1 - L5?

GPS is a global satellite positioning system, which consists of a group of satellites and ground receiving equipment, which can provide users with information such as car position, vehicle speed and time. GPS signals are transmitted through five bands L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5. These bands have different applications in GPS jammers.

GPS L1 : L1 is the most commonly used signal in the GPS system, and its center frequency is 1575.42MHz. The GPS L1 signal is the basic signal for positioning, velocity and time synchronization. In a GPS jammer for cars, an attacker can interfere with the L1 by sending a high-power signal, thereby affecting the performance of the GPS receiver or even making it lose its positioning signal.

GPS L2 : L2 is a secondary band in the GPS system, and its center signal is 1227.6MHz. GPS L2 signals are mainly used in applications such as code crops and enhanced positioning. In a GPS scrambler, an attacker can send signals that intentionally blocking with the L2 , thereby jamming the code cropping and enhanced positioning of a GPS receiver.

GPS L3 : L3 is a dedicated signal in the GPS system, and its center frequency is 1381.05MHz. The L3 band is mainly used for precision navigation and military applications. Due to its specificity, GPS jamming device generally do not attack the L3 .

GPS L4 : L4 is a reserved band in the GPS system, and its center frequency is 1379.913MHz. Currently no applications have been developed to utilize the L4 .

GPS L5 : L5 is a relatively new band in the GPS system, and its center frequency is 1176.45MHz. The L5 is mainly used for applications such as high-precision navigation and atmospheric detection. In a GPS tracker jammer, an attacker can interfere with the L5 , thereby affecting the performance of high-precision navigation.

To sum up, GPS L1, L2, and L5 are the most frequently attacked frequency among GPS jammers. Attackers can send high-power signals to jam these it , thereby affecting the positioning and navigation functions of GPS receivers. Therefore, when designing a GPS receiver, it is necessary to take into account the interference of these frequency bands and take appropriate measures to resist the attacks of GPS tracker jamming device.

Car GPS Anti Tracking Device Jammer Video

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