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If you are planning to buy a GPS jammer, you may know what it does, that is, it interferes with GPS signals and prevents tracking. Here, we will explain it in detail.

GPS devices all need a phone card. The current location information calculated by the module is uploaded from the communication base station to the positioning server through this card for users to query. To achieve the purpose that the GPS position cannot be queried by the user.

Drive with confidence thanks to your GPS jammer

For a while now, you've felt like you're being followed. Even if you have doubts about the person, you cannot openly accuse them at this time. You can therefore not, either, encourage him to no longer accompany you in your least car trips. So you tell yourself that there is surely a device that can help you stay undetected. And you are absolutely right since we offer you a GPS jammer.

This small object is as discreet as it is easy to use. By plugging it into your cigarette lighter and turning it on, you prevent any GPS from working near your location. A real counter-espionage equipment that makes the happiness of people caught in the shadows. We are already, all of us, constantly monitored in our actions and gestures so as soon as you can remain incognito, you do not deprive yourself.

GPS Jammer - Advantages With Significant Consequences

It should be well known that GPS tracker has many advantages. But this position determination also has some disadvantages.

Finally, location determination also enables an assassin to locate the victim and carry out the planned attack. But even in less dramatic cases, GPS tracking has some negative aspects.

Many assassins have already used the possibilities of position determination to locate the potential victim at any time tracking. In addition, many private individuals use their mobile phone to locate their partner because they are jealous and suspect unfaithful behavior.

Because if your own smartphone has been registered with a location service, you can determine where you are at any time. This means that if you tell your wife, for example, that you drive to work when you are actually meeting up with some buddies for a beer, it will be easy for the wife to expose the lie.

Also, some teenagers certainly don't want their parents to know right away when they first meet their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Working principle of GPS jamer:

Mainly through the release of radio interference waves, the GPS locator can be disabled within the specified electromagnetic band range, forming the same electromagnetic environment as the device to achieve the purpose of blocking the signal.

Two methods of blocking GPS signals. First: directly remove the two lines of the locator. Second: go to the electronic market to buy a GPS signal jammer, but first of all, it is necessary to distinguish what kind of signal tracking method is used by the GPS on your car.

There are only two ways of signal tracking: (1) mobile phone signal. (2) Direct satellite tracking signal.

Generally, most of the GPS tracking signals use mobile phone signals. The signal is blocked, so that all communication equipment within the range loses the signal. However, such a device also has disadvantages for the user. The signal jammer can only be turned on temporarily, and cannot be used forever. As long as the Car GPS jammer is turned off, the GPS signal will be available again.

What signals are GPS Tracker Blocker blocking? What frequency bands are GPSL1 - L5?

L1: L1 band - 1.57542GHz (plus or minus 10MHz offset). In 1994, GPS entered normal operation in an all-round way. The civilian signal used L1 (frequency 1575.42 MHz) single-frequency C/A code, and added Selective Availability (SA) man-made interference. The positioning accuracy was about 100m, and the timing accuracy was about 340ns.

L2: L2 band - 1.22760GHz. The second-generation civil signal is launched using Block IIR~M satellites, which not only includes the first-generation civil signal, but also adds L2C signal on the L2 carrier. The range of the L2 band is 1227.60MHz±1.023MHz, which was used for military use in the early days.

L3: L3 band - 1.38105GHz. GPS L3 is used for the detection of high-energy infrared radiation events such as nuclear explosions. Transmitting data from satellites to ground stations. The United States Nuclear Detonation (NUDET) Detection System (USNDS) uses this data to detect, locate, and report nuclear detonations (NUDET) in Earth's atmosphere and near space.

L4: L4 band - 1.84140GHz. The L4 band is used for additional ionospheric corrections.

L5: L5 band - 1176.45±1.023MHz, L5 is the third civilian GPS signal, which is beneficial to cycle-slip detection, ionospheric delay error correction and determination of the ambiguity of the entire cycle during GPS measurement, improving the civilian positioning accuracy from 5 meters Lift up to 30 cm.

There Is Now A Technique That Prevents A Position From Being Located: The Anti GPS Jammers

If you carry a so-called GPS jammer with you, the signals of the Global Positioning System are disturbed, which makes it impossible to carry out a GPS fix. A jammer is able to switch off the complete reception of the GPS satellites.

This technique has a side effect that can be seen as both positive and negative. Because if a GPS anti tracking jammer has been activated, you will no longer be able to use the mobile network. So you always have to take into account that using a jammer will also cut off your own cell phone traffic, since telephoning with a cell phone is made possible by the radio frequencies that are interfered with by the jammer. But this can also be seen as an advantage. Because while some people complain about the lack of mobility, this is the real reason for the other people to buy.

GPS Blocker For Car Use:

Everyone can use a GPS tracker, but there are always times when you want to hide from prying eyes. To stop gps tracking, use GPS signal jammer, there is no device in the world that can determine the coordinates of people and cars.

The working principle of the GPS blocker is to cut off the locator frequency band signal, so that the vehicles is in a signal isolation state; GPS jammer has the following characteristics: 1. Effectively interfere with GPS and Beidou satellite signals to protect your whereabouts privacy and information confidentiality. 2. Small size, high power, light weight, large coverage area, easy to carry; 3. Only GPS and Beidou signals are shielded, and it does not affect the access to mobile phones.

The feature of Topsignaljammer GPS scrambler is this: it can not only block gps beacons, but also can selectively shield mobile phone functions, Internet connections and other frequencies-this versatility is achieved because the device can operate in all available ranges. Compact size-The truck unit can be easily placed in the car, carried with you, or can be placed in an inconspicuous place. It is a vehicles gos jammer that is especially suitable for buying or using mortgage cars, muck cars, rental cars, loan cars and all kinds of GPS trackers installed!

Car GPS Anti Tracking Device Jammer Video

By Frequency:

GPS L1-1575.42MHz

GPS L2-1227.60 MHz

GPS L3-1381.05 MHz

GPS L4-1250-1280MHz

GPS L5-1176.45 MHz

GPS Blocker FAQ:

How to know when employees use GPS jammers?

With a GPS jammer in the car, can mobile navigation be used?

Why are GPS jammers so popular?

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