Collection: Camera Jammer Wireless Camera Scrambler Device To Prevent Spy

With the rapid development of science and technology, the criminal methods of criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, such as installing camera probes on ATM machines, stealing customer passwords, and forging and copying customer credit cards to achieve the purpose of theft. In conference rooms, offices, public places, and even family rooms, pencil lead-sized probes are hidden in an inconspicuous corner, tens of meters away, and are peeping, eavesdropping, and secretly recording organs, companies, and individuals. Confidential, privacy at a glance. The proliferation of wireless video cameras (pinhole cameras) is seriously threatening national interests, business secrets of enterprises and normal personal life order, bringing immeasurable losses to society.

Transmission principle of traditional monitoring signal

Before talking about the working principle of the video jammer, let's talk about it Traditional video surveillance signal transmission method: video baseband transmission, the so-called video baseband transmission refers to the transmission mode in which the video signal is directly transmitted from the surveillance camera acquisition end to the monitoring end through cables without any processing. When the image is transmitted, it is directly transmitted by the coaxial cable, and the low-frequency signal is very easy to be interfered during the transmission process, which will cause the image to appear moire, horizontal stripes and noise.

To help you get in and out of some venues hassle-free, we would like to introduce you to surveillance camera jammer. This is a portable, very compact device that you can take anywhere. With this device, you will be able to block all wireless camera signals within a radius of 30 meters. Therefore, you will create a safe environment around you.

In a world where almost everyone uses a surveillance camera, a camera jammer is the ideal way to protect yourself. For sure, with camera jammers, no one can sneak pictures in hotels, movie theaters, shops, cafes, etc. If talking about fashion girls, they can also go shopping without worrying about being spied on them. The leakage of important information can be prevented with the help of mobile camera jammer.

How does camera blocker work?

The security camera jammer, also known as the camera blocker devices jammer, uses unique technology and intelligence to force interference to shield the 895MHZ-2.5GHZ security camera and pinhole camera, so that the received radio frequency signal cannot pass through the decoding unit for video Image reproduction, the monitor will receive irregular fuzzy flickering images.

Can surveillance jammers disable ring cameras?

Camera jamming equipment can affect wireless signal monitoring equipment, but unfortunately it has no effect on conventional buried wire monitoring.

Several phenomena that the pinhole camera signal jammer interferes with the candid camera:

1. Power frequency interference

Interference phenomenon: The image appears snowflake noise, moire, or a wide dark horizontal band that continues to scroll.

2. Space electromagnetic wave interference

Interference Phenomenon: The image appears a dense oblique pattern, which will submerge the image in severe cases.

3. Low frequency interference (20Hz-nKHz low frequency noise interference)

Interference Phenomenon: Still horizontal streaks appear in the image.

It is easy to enjoy a quiet and safe environment with surveillance camera jammer blocker. The blocker is designed to block all cameras that use wireless LAN, Bluetooth and wireless video bands. We assure you that a security camera jammer will protect you from surveillance.

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