Why do kids need to stay away from their cell phones

Why do kids need to stay away from their cell phones

In addition to the school's order framework, Mr Brown emphasized that the ban on mobile signal blocker is also a "good public health message for families and children." He warned his parents not to touch the screen for long periods of time, especially before the age of seven. That was the promise of Mr Macron's presidential election.

However, the implementation of countermeasures is expected to be complicated. The Education Law stipulates that elementary and junior high schools do not use mobile phones. The teachers' union is particularly skeptical. On the other hand, many parents believe that their children are not connected to their cell phones. On the other hand, student school bags are likely to be new jobs for school staff and are prone to conflict.

So what are these devices for? Reporters found xuhong, the deputy director of the school's Center for Modern Education and Technology. Mr. Xu Hiroshi told the students about these devices after giving his speculations and opinions. In his regret, he told reporters: "Maybe we're in a hurry and haven't come yet. Our students specifically explain the purpose of these devices. They are used to build standardized test rooms. It is not normally used and is not used to monitor students. "

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Special agencies also need to shut down mobile phone signals

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), in collaboration with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Federal Communications Commission, tested microjamming technology at the Federal Correctional Facility in Cumberland, Maryland. This test was conducted to determine if micro wifi jammer could use smuggled goods at the individual cell housing unit level to prevent wireless communication by prisoners.

Next week, the ministry will begin testing "micro-jamming" systems that can be used to stop inmates' calls without interrupting services in the surrounding area, including services used by first responders. Evaluate whether or not.

It's difficult to stop the drone. "Technical solutions for detecting and destroying drones are still in their infancy," Rosenstein said, and the Justice Department is supporting regulatory changes that facilitate the deployment of blocking technologies and cell phone jamming. I added.

According to the statement, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has tested "microjamming" technology at the Federal Correctional Facility in Cumberland. Authorities wanted to test whether the system could interfere with devices in a particular cell.

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