Use of phone jammer we allow

Use of phone jammer we allow

We are working with Corrective Services NSW on the use of cell phone jammers in prisons.

Cell phone jammers in prisons
Prison inmates cannot have cell phones. If they get one, they can use it to organize illegal activities, threaten witnesses and plan escapes.

Prison officers can use cell phone jammers to block signals from any cell phones inmates may have smuggled into prison.

Using a cell phone jammer in a prison may interfere with surrounding public cell phone networks.

We work with Corrective Services NSW (CFNSW) to ensure that the use of jammers does not interfere with your mobile phone.

Use of jammers at Lithgow Correctional Center
In 2013 we authorized a trial of mobile phone jammers at Lithgow Correctional Center under the 2015 Radiocommunications Exemption Decision.

The trial aimed to see if the jammers could block cellphone signals inside the prison without affecting cellphone use outside. There have been no confirmed reports or complaints from the general public of interference with mobile phone networks in the area.

4 Antenna Portable CDMA GSM 3G Cell Phone Jammer

Following a public consultation process, which closed on July 6, 2018, a new exemption determination was made.

As of November 1, 2018, CSNSW may continue to use cell phone jammers at Lithgow Correctional Center as permitted by the 2018 Radiocommunications Exemption Determination.

You can see the area covered by the Cell Phone Jammer on the Lithgow Correctional Center map.

Trial at Goulburn Correctional Center NSW
CSNSW is also testing cell phone jammers at the Goulburn Correctional Center. We have authorized this trial through the Goulburn Exemption Determination legislation.

This essay examines the risks of using a cell phone jammer in a prison located closer to where large numbers of people live.

The results will help authorities decide whether or not to use jammers in other correctional facilities.

CNSW informed us that preliminary testing began on August 26, 2019. CNSW provided us with a test report as required by Section 7(3)(a) of the Exemption Decision. We have informed CSNSW that we are satisfied that the use and operation of the jamming device will comply with the conditions set out in the exemption decision.

You can see the area covered by the Cell Phone Jammer on the Goulburn Correctional Complex map. This is the map referred to in the definition of "field test area" in Article 4 of the Goulburn Exemption Decision.

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