Collection: How To Check For Cell Phone Jammer

In modern society, mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool in people's daily life. However, in some cases, the use of mobile phone signals may be interfered, such as in exams, conferences, government agencies, military bases, etc., which requires the use of mobile phone jammers. However, the use of mobile phone jammers will cause unnecessary trouble and influence to people around, so it is necessary to know how to detect mobile phone jammers to ensure the normal use of mobile phone communication.

First of all, cell phone jammer usually work in frequency bands such as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. Some jammers use low-power electromagnetic waves to interfere with the signal, so the presence of a jammer can be detected by looking for the source of the electromagnetic interference. Professional detection equipment can be used to scan for electromagnetic wave interference sources, such as electromagnetic wave detectors. This instrument can accurately detect electromagnetic wave signals in various frequency bands, and then locate the specific location of the jammer.

Second, another common detection method is the use of mobile phones. Because jammers can block cell phone signals, when a cell phone loses signal connection to a base station, it could be a sign that there are jammers around. At this time, you can turn on the signal detection function of the mobile phone to observe whether the signal strength changes. If there is an abnormal situation, there may be a mobile phone jammer.

Finally, if the above methods cannot determine the presence of jammers, infrared scanners can also be used for detection. Some cell phone jammers heat up when they work, so an infrared scanner can detect the hotspot of these devices to determine if a jammer is present.

In short, how to detect mobile phone jammers can be determined by means of electromagnetic wave detectors, mobile phone signal detection and infrared scanners. These methods can help us discover jammers in time and ensure the normal use of mobile phone communications.

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