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A cell phone jammer is a device that interferes with cell phone signals. It is usually used to prevent the use of mobile phones in certain situations, such as in movie theaters, conference rooms, hospitals, prisons and other places. The function of the mobile phone jammer is to emit radio waves with the same frequency as the mobile phone, thereby affecting the communication signal of the mobile phone and achieving the effect of interfering with the mobile phone signal. The following will introduce the mobile phone jammer from two aspects.

enhanced security

In some occasions, the use of mobile phones may bring potential safety hazards. For example, in prisons, courts and other places, the mobile phones of prisoners or litigants may be used for illegal communication, and the use of mobile phone jammers can effectively prevent such illegal acts. In addition, in some sensitive areas such as military areas, government agencies, and corporate confidential places, the use of mobile phone jammers can prevent confidential information from being leaked and improve security.

privacy protection

In some public places, such as movie theaters, classrooms, hospitals and other places, people usually need to keep quiet, and the ringing or talking of mobile phones will greatly disturb others. Using a cell phone blockers can effectively avoid this kind of interference, protect the privacy of others, and make the place more peaceful. In addition, in business negotiations, private parties and other occasions, the use of mobile phone jammers can protect personal privacy and avoid being eavesdropped and recorded.

Fortunately, Topsignaljammer can transport the jammer to Chicago, and it will be delivered to you within 7-10 days. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the frequency band of the United States and can be used in the United States.

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