Why do gas stations have to use jammers?

Why do gas stations have to use jammers?

In modern society, electronic devices are more and more developed, but in many places electronic devices can no longer be used. Among them, the gas station is a place where you cannot use electronic equipment. topsignaljammer.com will tell you why gas stations should use jammers.

Many people do not pay attention, in fact, the gas station is not possible to use cell phones and other communication tools. Although some people have noticed signs prohibiting the use of mobile phone stations, but do not know the real reason. Once there is a gas station, because people playing a car phone, resulting in a gas station explosion was heard from the perspective of the video screen, a lesson in humility, in the end is what cause the phone can't play gas station? mainly because the air near the gas station in the mixture with a lot of gasoline molecules, because gasoline has high volatility, easily evaporate into the air. If the place is full of gasoline molecules encountered open flames or other substances to touch a spark, it will cause an explosion, although this possibility may seem small, but still occurred, the harm is very great. It is generally to make the full field will post warning signs prohibiting the use of fire, as well as its use is prohibited.

Prohibit the use of fire, we are very easy to understand, but why the use of mobile phones can cause an explosion? It is because the use of mobile phones, the phone will release electromagnetic waves, passing the signal through the base station electromagnetic signal output when receiving base station backhaul electromagnetic waves in order to achieve a call, or access other functions. In particular, during the phone call, between the handset and the base releases a large amount of electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic wave in the plane crashes but ion would trigger, when the high content of air molecules in the In gasoline, the electricity generated from the sparks can instantly ignite gasoline molecules, causing an explosion.

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Although the gas station takes some measures to avoid this hidden danger, such as strengthening the air circulation near the gas station, adding oil and gas recovery devices, etc., and then reducing the content molecular gasoline in the air, the best solution is to install a signal jammer. Install one or more jammers to protect the mobile phone signal, effectively preventing people from using the mobile phone near the gas station, thus ensuring the safety of the gas station.

Many people even know the gas station can not use the phone, but they feel that the possibility of explosion is very small, so a lot of times are not very concerned about this provision. Therefore, installing a powerful cell phone jammer can eliminate this risk, which is a very good choice.

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