Magic Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Magic Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Have you been disturbed by a harassing call? Is it because the cell phone signal is positioned by someone else? Now there is a mobile phone signal jammer which can form a magnetic field masked by the states in a specified range.The mobile phone in the range will not be able to receive this signal, or use the phone to play and access in the range specified and will not form. Sudden radiation signals, thereby forcibly turning off the mobile phone, the shielding effect is good.

Main application places of signal jammers: gas station and oil depot: avoid explosion caused by sudden signal radiation and fire; various government and corporate conference rooms: avoid ringing cell phones and answering calls Meetings, courts, theaters, libraries: maintain the solemnity and sanctity of the courts. Guarantee the system, the silence of the library; Hospital: can avoid interference from hospital equipment and affect the surgeon's attention when playing mobile phone; Military, Financial, Land, Examination Room: Prevent leaks of military and financial secrets. Eliminate contestants using mobile phones to cheat; churches, recording studios: suppress mobile phone signal noise, to maintain the silence of the test site and ensure the recording effect.

Signal jammers are a less common type of security product, but they are used in many areas of society:

1. Effectively protect the area of ​​prison and detention center activities to prevent prisoners from contacting the outside world through cell phones, and to prevent media and visitors from communicating outside the regulations. It is the industry with the largest number of products sold and the most widely used, and more and more prisons have installed signal protection devices. As society's demands for security increase, more and more prisons and detention centers will install signal jammer in the future.

Desktop 12 Bands Cell Phone Signal Jammer Multiple Frequencies

2. Department of Education: In recent years, students have cheated frequently in various exams: this type of spirit has become more and more intense, as well as special exams and cheating. Education departments in different countries have cracked down hard on fraud. In many places, the college entrance exam for adults clearly stipulates the use of cell phone jammers to maintain order in the exam room. As localities begin to crack down on such reviews, more and more products will be purchased in large quantities. We will also develop classroom products and high-powered armored mobile vehicles for these current needs.

3. There are two obvious signs for every entrance to the gas station: no smoking and no phone use. It is impossible to achieve this through self-awareness, as it is important to avoid these safety hazards. With our products, it is easy to prevent gas explosions caused by static electricity in mobile phones, refineries, petrochemical plants, etc. The market in this area is gradually expanding.

4 Finally, the opportunity to use our products on a small scale: as meeting rooms, secret rooms, confidential rooms, theaters, libraries, etc., where information security is required and a quiet atmosphere is required.

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