Do you know car lock jammer?

Do you know car lock jammer?

Recently, have you seen such news that children are locked in the car due to high temperatures leading to death. Yes, under the hot summer sun, if the child is locked in the car, the temperature inside the car will rise rapidly. If the door cannot be opened in time, the child's life will be very dangerous. If you installed a car lock jammer, don't worry. Here we are going to introduce the car lock jammer to you.

To understand the working principle of car lock jammer, we must first understand the principle of car key lock. Most of the car keys on the market now have a built-in electronic chip: when you use the key to remotely control the car, the electronic chip and the car in the key exchange signals by each car's low frequency code. There is a unique car decoder which, when it receives the remote control signal, decodes it into a sequence of letters and numbers, considered as a unique identifier and sent to the car's computer identification system. Corresponds to the identification code saved in the computer memory. When the car correctly decodes the signal of the microchip inserted in the car key, the car will proceed to designate the car key, such as starting the car, by locking it or opening the door. In fact, there are many ways to encrypt and decode car signals, mainly fixed code chip and rolling code chip encryption types, as well as bidirectional dynamic code encryption. Here, it is not necessary to know too much about the type of on-chip encryption, the jammer mainly interferes with the frequency used by the signal sent from the remote control key, thus realizing the function of disturbing the lock.

Desktop 2.4G 5.1G 5.8G UAV Jammer

The main function of the car lock jammer is to interfere with the lock using the key. If you install the car lock jammer near the car, you cannot play any role in locking the key of the car. car to lock the car. Its working principle is to emit wireless signals with the same frequency as the car. The frequency range used by the low frequency signals emitted by the electronic chip in the car key is certain. The main operation depends on the lower frequency at 125 kHz, and the signal jammer chip will come out. A signal of the same frequency is output, so that the decoder inside the car receives the remote control car signal output from the car key, without the car can be locked.

And the use of the car jammer is very simple, just install the jammer with interference lock function close to the target car, so as to make sure the power of a jammer is normal. If you choose portable jammer, make sure fully charged before use, continuous working time is less than two hours. If you choose a desktop jammer, make sure the jammer is powered on, then turn on the switch.

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