Use and development of cell phone signal jammers

Use and development of cell phone signal jammers

With the development of network technology, mobile phone signals are virtually everywhere, which means you can receive harassing calls anytime, anywhere, even if your phone is turned off, the chip inside the phone still works, you are left with the risk of revealing privacy. Mobile phone signal jammers have come into being over time.It can effectively interfere with the sending and receiving of signals by mobile phones, sufficiently interfering with the communication between the mobile phone and the communication tower , rendering it unusable and protecting you from a totally free space.

First of all, although it is very convenient to call anyone, anytime, anywhere, there are often some, such as restaurants, cinemas, concerts, shopping malls and churches because not all mobile users know Sometimes the intimate details that we don't want to share on the phone are known to others. cell phone jammer just solve that problem for us. The phone is basically a portable two-way radio, and like any radio, the signal can be disrupted or disrupted. A jammer is an instrument used to block a mobile phone from receiving signals from a base station, which can actually be used anywhere, but in some cases phone calls are extremely quiet and can be particularly disturbing . Interfering with the handset is equivalent to interfering with any other type of radio communication. A mobile phone works by communicating with its service network through a tower or mobile base station. A base station divides a city into small areas or cells. When a cellphone user walks down a street, the signals jump from one tower to another. The jamming device transmits at the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, interfering with the communication between the mobile phone and the mobile phone base station in the tower, and the mobile phone user in the jamming device provides the service of radio spectrum.

There are a wide variety of interference devices available on the market and the interference technologies used are different. You can find them on our website. Some of these devices have only one or two functions, for example, they only interfere with the 2G or 3G network signal of the phone. Some devices are very powerful and may interfere with 2G/3G/4G functions, including mobile phones, as well as GPS positioning functions, and may even interfere with WIFI or Bluetooth functions.

Desktop 8 Antenna Adjustable  WiFi GPS Cell Phone Jammer

The RF section is an important part of the signal jammer and consists of a voltage controlled oscillator, an RF power amplifier and an antenna. These components are selected based on the specifications required by the jammer, such as frequency range and coverage. The VCO voltage controlled oscillator is the most important of the other components. It's like the heart of our wedging machine. With the development of jamming chip devices, the size of these signal jammers becomes smaller and smaller. There is a wide variety of portable signal jammers, with a built-in battery and a 5 Vdc DC power supply. It works for many hours and comes with a USB charger and a car charger, which is very convenient when charging. Once the signal jammer is activated, the phone can no longer make or receive calls, making it ideal for use in places where telephone interference is particularly severe in churches, temples, libraries, hospitals, etc

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