What is the coverage range of the 5G signal jammer?

What is the coverage range of the 5G signal jammer?

With the continuous advancement of today's science and technology, while smartphones bring convenience to people's lives, there are also endless phenomena of engaging in illegal activities. For example, cheating before the exam, writing cheat sheets, sneaking notes, or even writing formula questions on one's arm. Now, all you need is a mobile phone with Internet capabilities to cheat on exams.

Currently, major colleges and universities are undergoing the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination. Many schools are facing the problem of preparation for the examination room. In addition to the invigilation arrangements for examination room discipline, there is also the most troublesome prevention of cheating. Nowadays, in order to prevent cheating in the examination room, many schools have developed test signal jammers for sale to deal with this phenomenon. Signal jammers can effectively eliminate and prevent cheating.

The 5G mobile phone signal jammer is small in size and can be easily placed anywhere in the examination room. In addition, there is no noise when used, and the use of the jammer will not have a great impact on candidates. There is no need to worry about the impact it will have on other electronic devices. Signal shielding is mainly used to block mobile phone signals. At the same time, it is used to cut off communication between the phone and the base station.

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With the development of science and technology, the area that signal jammers for 5G can cover is getting wider and wider. The area that a set of jammers can cover is getting larger and larger, and the cost is also greatly reduced.

5G mobile phone jammer has always been the nemesis of many cheaters. Whether cheating via headphones or cell phone, signals are needed to communicate. However, signal shielding can effectively change the transmission of signals on communication equipment, so that there is no signal in the entire examination room area, which can also reduce the occurrence of cheating. Now, as the school exam approaches, mobile phone signal jammers are favored and chosen by users, and mobile phone signal jammers are also the best shielding tools for exams.

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