What are the reasons why jammers cannot block 5G signals?

What are the reasons why jammers cannot block 5G signals?

1. The on-site signal jammer failed and was completely unable to work properly. Or at that time, some signal shielding was not turned on.

2. One of the more likely reasons is that the on-site signal shielding performance is not strong and 5G signal shielding is not supported. 5G is a newly released network in recent years and uses a new radio frequency range. It is possible to block 5G or frequency band loopholes that are not supported.

3. As a new technology, 5G has strong anti-interference ability, and signal shielding cannot suppress signal reception. As a result, the 5G signal breaks through the signal jammer and successfully sends the signal to the base station. This can happen too.

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4. Therefore, the responsibility cannot be put on 5G this time. On the contrary, the incident proved that 5G signals are strong and stable and not susceptible to interference from external signals.

5. Today, we are in a highly developed information society, which has both communication needs and confidentiality needs. Many enterprises, military, government and confidentiality activities will have needs in this area. I believe there is a lot of market space for this product.

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