The purpose of mobile phone signal jammer

The purpose of mobile phone signal jammer

In today's society, information spreads very fast, and sometimes it is necessary to block or prevent the spread of information to avoid causing great losses and panic. In various examinations, some use wireless electronic devices for cheating, which undermines the principle of fair competition that the examination should have.

1. Generally, in some special enterprises, in order to prevent information leakage or transmission, cell phone jammers are needed. There are also some companies that prohibit the disclosure of secret content, such as meetings of some core technical departments or customer information. At this time, mobile phone signal jammers are indispensable.

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2. Some party and government agencies also need signal blockers, such as diplomatic conferences, or to ensure the efficient completion of meetings, mobile phone signal jammers can focus the attention of participants.

3. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, some large or professional examination venues also require mobile phone signal jammers.

4. In order to prevent accidents caused by improper operation by personnel in oil depots, gas stations and filling stations, mobile phone signal jammers are also indispensable.

5. In order to prevent people in prison from communicating with the outside world through abnormal means, some detention centers or large and medium-sized prisons also use mobile phone signal jammers.

6. Some audio-visual venues also require mobile phone signal shielding. For example, in order to prevent piracy and remakes, movie theaters do not allow mobile phone signal transmission.

The use of mobile phone signal jammers will also be reflected in some large-scale festivals. Large-scale festivals have a large flow of people, and people generally like to take photos and post them on their WeChat friends. When citizens lower their heads and play with their mobile phones, it can easily lead to poor flow of people and lead to stampedes.

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