What is a drone countermeasure device?

What is a drone countermeasure device?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the drone industry, drones have also expanded to various application fields with the times. The potential risk of the "black flight" problem of drones cannot be ignored for civil aviation flight safety, personal privacy safety, prison control safety and other aspects. The control and governance of the "black flight" of drones has also become a topic of discussion in all walks of life, so there has been the emergence of drone countermeasures.

At present, what methods are mainly used to control the "black flying" situation of drones and implement drone countermeasures?

1. According to the signal frequency bands 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz used by most drones, for the unique wireless signal frequency bands of these drones, high-power drone countermeasures can be used to detect the difference between the drone and the remote control. Interference and suppression of communication frequencies between them. The signal loss of the UAV makes it impossible to continue data transmission, forcing the UAV to automatically return and land. This kind of unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasure method has high security performance and is currently applied in many fields.

2. Based on the principle of GPS positioning, most UAVs need GPS data information to carry out flight positioning during flight. UAV countermeasures can change the data information received by UAVs at an appropriate time to change the unmanned aerial vehicles. Man-machine pre-set flight trajectory.

3. Weapons such as lasers can also be used to carry out destructive strikes on the "Black Fly" UAV, and there are likely to be potential safety hazards in the process.

There are many types of UAV countermeasure equipment applications. When choosing, it is necessary to confirm the countermeasures and conduct repeated tests to confirm whether it can play the role of UAV countermeasures.

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What is a drone countermeasure device?

The use of UAV countermeasure equipment has a strong signal interference effect on the "Black Fly" UAV, and at the same time forces the "Black Fly" UAV to return or land. There are many types of UAV countermeasure equipment, and the effects of different types will be different. It is best to test whether it can play a role in "black flying" UAV after selecting the UAV countermeasure equipment. Nice interference effect. In order to realize the comprehensive defense against "black flying" drones, it is necessary to fully understand the needs of the site, conduct on-site surveys of the surrounding environment, and formulate deployment plans in combination with different drone countermeasures equipment, so as to achieve effective drone countermeasures. control measures.

There are roughly three types of UAV countermeasures on the market: handheld, fixed, and vehicle-mounted. Hand-held anti-counterfeiting guns are more convenient to carry, but the anti-counteraction effect is small. The performance of fixed drone jammer is relatively stable, and the defense area is large, but there are limitations. The vehicle-mounted countermeasure equipment combines the advantages of the first two devices. It is not only mobile, but also has more power, a larger countermeasure range, and more obvious targets. It is more beneficial to combat the "black flight" of drones.

At present, UAV countermeasure equipment is slowly being promoted. With the continuous development of future technology, it will combine different scenarios or different characteristics of UAVs to continuously innovate and confirm the timeliness of prevention and control in order to continue to combat UAVs. Man-machine "black flight" to carry out effective preventive measures.

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