Features of Intelligent Management System of Full-band Signal Jammer

Features of Intelligent Management System of Full-band Signal Jammer

The shielding area needs to be relatively large or there are many test centers. When distributed in several teaching buildings, dozens or even hundreds of full-band signal shielding devices will be installed. It is often inconvenient to manage. There are too many signal shielding devices. Daily inspection is also a relatively large workload. In order to reduce the customer's inspection personnel and workload, Topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. launched the signal jammer intelligent management system, and what are the characteristics of the signal jammer intelligent management system?

(1) Control function, complete the remote switch control of the full-band signal shielding instrument through the system software, and perform timing switch on the full-band signal shielding instrument according to the set schedule. The operation is simple and the image display is clear at a glance. This function is a must Indispensable basic functions.

(2) Check whether the full-band signal shielding instrument is faulty. The administrator checks the working status of the full-band signal shielding instrument through the software. The full-band signal shielding intelligent management system responds to whether there is a bug. The set time can independently complete the query of the full-band signal The working status of the shielding instrument and whether there is a fault, and then generate a detection log, which is convenient for the administrator to generate a form through the intelligent system of the full-band signal shielding instrument to check whether there is a fault in each full-band signal shielding instrument. If there is a fault, repair it in time to ensure the signal The shielding intelligent management system operates continuously and stably, and independently queries and detects all signal shielding devices under the system.

(3) The most prominent function of the full-band signal shielding system is the ability to adjust the transmission power of each frequency band module of each signal shielding device. This function is necessary in some places, such as prison units and schools. Units, etc. If there is a residential area around a unit, or a center with frequent personnel activities, and multiple signal shielding devices are used in the unit, it will have more or less impact on the surrounding residents. In this case, the function of adjusting the transmission power of each module (adjusting the shielding range) is particularly important. It can reduce the transmission power of the shielding module for signal jammers close to residential areas, and reduce the interference of the shielding instrument to the outside world. Minimum, to ensure that the signal in the venue can be effectively shielded, and the interference to the outside world is minimized.

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The advantages of the intelligent management system of the full-band signal jammer

There is no need to arrange control lines, and the installation and construction are simpler:

The whole system takes the power carrier as the technical core and does not require centralized wiring (the power line for the full-band signal jammer also does not need centralized wiring), and there is no need for wiring between each jammer or between the jammer and the main control computer. The point only needs to be powered nearby (the power cord that supplies power to the jammer is used for both power supply and remote control signal transmission).

Software unified centralized control and management, electronic map is simple and clear:

The whole system is controlled and managed by a set of main control software, and managers can see the shielding status in the monitoring area at a glance through the unit structure diagram (equivalent to the electronic map of the unit) on the main control software.

Free grouping, fully open, fully closed, group (by building, sub-region) switch, point-to-point switch:

Through the main control software on the main control computer, the management personnel can accurately control the opening and closing of any full-band signal jammer point-to-point or group (that is, sub-area or sub-building);

Master the operating status and failure of all points, real-time query and automatic query, automatic alarm:

Managers can manually or automatically check the working status of each full-band signal jammer, and can immediately find faulty or damaged signal jammers. Call the police and clearly inform the location of the jammer;

Timing switch, timing plan can be edited arbitrarily, energy saving and environmental protection:

Precise timing on and off control of any point or group can be performed through software; after timing is enabled for some positions that do not need to be turned on continuously for many years, it is beneficial to energy saving, environmental protection and prolonging the service life of the equipment;

The log function is helpful for tracking and troubleshooting:

The perfect system log function will record the working status of each jammer, the operation log of the administrator or operator, and has the function of tracking and troubleshooting those more sophisticated sabotage behaviors (for example, a prison guard cut off the power of the jammer at night , After the power supply is restored during the day, this process will be automatically queried and recorded in the log).

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