UAV jamming system application place

UAV jamming system application place

With the rapid development of the drone industry, due to the advantages of speed and convenience, the number of civilian drones is also increasing. Regarding the issue of "black flying" of drones, it seriously affects people's privacy and property, and also poses certain security risks to social order. For this reason, drone jamming systems play a major role.

The drone jamming system mainly controls the "black flying" drones in flight, and transmits super-power wireless electromagnetic signals through drone jammers to interfere with the signals being transmitted by drones and operators, so that The UAV performs forced landing or return flight to ensure the safety in the field. UAV jamming systems can be used for protection in some no-fly areas such as prisons, airports, industrial facilities, and military bases, and can also be used to prevent information leakage in important security places and administrative meetings. Not only that, the drone jamming system also plays an important role in cracking down on illegal acts that use drones as carriers, such as: smuggling, drug transportation, etc.

Nowadays, there are many incidents of unmanned aerial vehicles interfering with aircraft take-off due to "black flying". The delay of the aircraft is not a small loss to the airport and passengers. Humans and machines are not easily captured, and it is recommended to use drone jamming systems to manage them. topsignaljammer is engaged in the research and development of UAV jamming systems, has this professional equipment for production, and has rich experience to quickly solve the problem of "black flying" UAVs.

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Can using a drone jammer crash a drone?

Drone jammers usually use wireless signals to interfere with illegally intruding drones. It mainly interferes with the GPS positioning system carried by most drones. The drone jammer transmits a certain wireless interference frequency band to the drones within the working range, so that the drones cannot obtain their own positioning information and cannot continue to fly. . With the current drone technology, the use of drone jammers will not cause the drone to fall directly.

Generally, drones locate their position in real time by receiving GPS signals during flight, and drone jammers interfere with the positioning data of drones through GPS signal interference technology, and drones cannot obtain terrain coordinate signals, then It is impossible to continue flying, so as to achieve the purpose of countering drones. Using signal interference to fight against "black flying" UAVs is a relatively safe method among many countermeasures, and it also avoids unnecessary damage to UAVs. Since the current drones have a so-called "safety mode", in order to avoid the sudden interruption of the communication link between the drone and the remote control, it will not directly cause the drone to fall, but through some programs to automatically return the drone or Land directly on the spot. The UAV jammer is to use this to destroy the normal working signal of the UAV, make the UAV fall into isolation, and force the UAV to leave.

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