What is a drone defense system?

What is a drone defense system?

With the progress of the times, drones are now more and more widely used, and it can be seen in all walks of life. It is inevitable that some people will use it to do some illegal things. For example, the phenomenon of "black flying" of drones, the delay of airport flights caused by the collision of drones and aircrafts, etc., the main reason is the abuse of drones and their illegal modification, which can be avoided by using the drone defense system. Such phenomena occur.

The UAV defense system mainly uses spectrum for signal detection, radar detection, wireless signal interference and other technologies to control and prevent the "black flight" of UAVs. The UAV defense system uses signal detection to collect UAV signals in the control area. Once an illegal intrusion UAV is found, it will use the wireless signal interference function to suppress the UAV signal, forcing the "black fly" to The man-machine departs or lands. Due to different application site requirements and different pertinence, there are different types of UAV defense systems. At present, small drones that are illegally intruded into airports are the most serious, and they will not be easily found, and usually bring potential security risks to airports.

The UAV defense system developed by Topsignaljammer is specially aimed at "black flying" UAVs. Its principle uses wireless signal interference technology to cut off the UAV data transmission signal, positioning, navigation, and communication signals with the remote control, so that the UAV Automatic landing or return to ensure the safety of low-altitude areas.

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How does the UAV defense system control "black flying"?

Nowadays, drones have entered daily life because of their powerful functions and convenience. Some incidents such as illegal drone invasion and drone "black flight" are often encountered in airports, communities, and some enterprises. In order to solve this kind of phenomenon, the UAV defense system, which uses drone jammer jamming technology as a means, has the advantages of long distance, stable performance and obvious effect, and uses UAV jammers to interfere with the data transmission of target UAVs. Signal, GPS positioning signal, thus forcing the UAV to land or return.

The UAV defense system integrates wireless positioning detection and wireless signal interference, and realizes unified control and power adjustment of equipment networking. Based on the UAV defense system, the network can control multiple UAV jamming devices and wireless detectors through software, which has achieved all-round monitoring and network operation and data transmission of defense equipment, and promoted the "black flight" of urban UAVs. Supervision.

There are no rules, and the same is true for the use of drones. If the drone does not fly at will according to the regulations, it may cause serious safety hazards. In some areas, no-flying areas for drones have been established through administrative means, so that people who usually use drones follow the rules and stay away from the no-flying areas, otherwise they will face punishment. The drone defense system can effectively combat the "black flying" phenomenon of drones, and avoid the safety problems caused by "black flying" drones.

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