What do you think about the use of mobile phone signal jammers in the classroom

What do you think about the use of mobile phone signal jammers in the classroom

The School of Animal Science and Technology of Yangzhou University conducted a survey on the use of mobile phones by college students and found that nearly 80% of college students use mobile phones in class, and most of them use the Internet to chat and browse social networking sites. In response to this situation, the college installed cell phone jammers into classrooms this year.

Mobile phone dependence seems to be a common problem for college students. The use of mobile phone signal jammers aims to improve this phenomenon through forced restraint. However, some students questioned that in case of emergency, the phone could not be made, and there was a potential safety hazard. What do college students in this city think of cell phone jammers entering the classroom?

Tianjin Institute of Physical Education Xiao Xia

School regulations should show humanistic care

I don't think it would be wise for a university in Yangzhou to block students' cell phone signals during classes. First of all, as a modern communication device, mobile phones can facilitate students to get in touch with others at any time, especially in some special emergencies; secondly, mobile phones, as network transmission terminals, can receive network resources through satellite signals, which is very important for the free and open university teaching environment. Undoubtedly, it can help. Of course, the introduction of mobile phones into college classrooms is a double-edged sword. The school should actively participate in the management work and give students correct guidance, so as to demonstrate the humanistic care of colleges and universities.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology Tan Zhizhi

Signal shielding cures the symptoms but not the root cause

I have an objection to Yangzhou University's move to install a cell phone jammer. First of all, students play mobile phones because they are not interested in the content of the class. The school installs mobile phone signal jammers. Although it prevents students from playing mobile phones, it cannot stop students' wandering thoughts. Secondly, this kind of coercive behavior of the school will cause students to resist. According to news reports, some students have unplugged the power supply of the shield without permission, which is not conducive to maintaining the prestige of the school; in addition, this kind of coercive behavior will cause students to resist Emotions, and thus more repulsive courses. To sum up, I think schools should proceed from the essence of the facts, understand the interests of students, improve the teaching model, and fundamentally solve the problem of students playing mobile phones in class.

Tianjin University of Commerce Liu Yang

"Sparse" is more important than "blocking"

The school takes this measure, the starting point is to improve the efficiency of students' class attendance, strict school spirit and study style. But blindly using only the method of "blocking" cannot play a fundamental role. If students do not want to attend classes, they can still use their mobile phones to read novels and play games after blocking the mobile phone signal. In the end, students' listening efficiency is still low. In my opinion, "sparse" is more important than "blocking". The key to solving this problem is to improve students' consciousness and improve students' interest in learning. If students are allowed to consciously listen to the lectures carefully and do not desert, the effect will definitely be more significant than any GPS jammer.

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Tianjin Normal University Tang Li

Improve classroom interactivity

The original intention of schools to block mobile phone signals is to restrain students and improve the quality of teaching. But the reality is that in today's rapid development of science and technology, as an entertainment tool, there are many, many alternatives to mobile phones, which are endless. The reasons behind the failure of college students to listen carefully in class include the single method of course assessment, the lack of advanced teaching methods, and the inability to mobilize the enthusiasm of students. Therefore, while considering from the perspective of students, the school should also focus on improving the interactivity of the classroom, so that students can voluntarily integrate into the classroom teaching in a true sense.

Nankai University Wu Dongxiang

Paying close attention to teaching discipline is worthy of recognition

In the past, the mobile phone signal jammer was used to prevent cheating during the exam. This time, the school used it to prevent students from surfing the Internet during the class, which has positive significance for ensuring the quality of teaching. The survey results show that 80% of students use mobile phones to surf the Internet during class. The school hopes to limit Internet behavior through this method, and also hopes to reduce students' dependence on mobile phones to a certain extent, so that students can listen carefully. However, the switching time and use range of the signal jammer should also be considered, so as not to affect the normal use of mobile phone calls outside the classroom. The school actively explores new methods and pays close attention to teaching discipline is worthy of recognition. I believe they will explore a truly effective method to promote the growth and progress of students.

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