Shielders are installed in the college entrance examination room, why can candidates still cheat?

Shielders are installed in the college entrance examination room, why can candidates still cheat?

A college student in Wuhan, Hubei Province, who cheated by searching questions on his mobile phone has attracted widespread attention, and everyone is full of questions about this matter:

1. How did the mobile phone get in?

2. There are wifi jammer around the college entrance examination room. Why can the mobile phone still upload questions normally?

For the first question, there is already an answer.

According to media reports, Wu Moumou had prepared a thin coat before entering the examination room. During the security check, Wu Moumou hid his mobile phone in the thin coat, and the security personnel checked it. Wu Moumou held the hidden mobile phone in both hands. His thin clothes were raised above his head, escaping the detection of the metal detector, and he successfully brought his mobile phone into the examination room, and then hid the mobile phone under the scratch paper to take pictures to cheat.

In response to the second question, the Wuhan Huangpi District Admissions Office said in response to reporters that it may be due to a loophole in the 5G signal shielding that allowed the candidate to upload the test questions on his mobile phone.

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The latest news is that the staff of the Radio Management Office of the Hubei Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology said that a special class has been formed to investigate the matter. If it is determined that he cheated by using radio equipment to transmit, it will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

So why are there loopholes in 5G signal shielding?

5G, as a newly launched network standard in recent years, also uses a new radio frequency range. It is possible that the original shield does not support shielding 5G or there are frequency band omissions.

The construction speed of my country's 5G network is very fast, and there are new changes every month. If the mobile phone has a signal in the examination room, it may be that the relevant personnel have ignored the popularity of 5G and forgot to add the 5G frequency band to the designated frequency band of the jammer.

On the other hand, blockers generally do not support software upgrades. If the test room wants to block all 5G signal frequency bands, it needs to replace all the latest signal blocking equipment. There is also a question as to whether there are sufficient up-to-date devices on the market.

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