The download speed of the U.S. 5G network is only 1.8 times faster than 4G

The download speed of the U.S. 5G network is only 1.8 times faster than 4G

CCTV News today published "5G is not worth it! U.S. media said that mobile phones with imperfect infrastructure can only use the slowest network" article, citing reports from the US Consumer News and Business Channel, due to imperfect infrastructure construction, the current state of the current U.S. network is generally average, and the American people may not be able to use the Internet speed. As you wish.

According to reports, the mid-frequency band is currently the most common 5G network in the world, but it has not been widely constructed in the United States. The "50 states" 5G coverage that US operators boasted in advertisements refers to low frequency bands. It is indeed faster than 4G networks, but it is the slowest 5G network.

According to statistics, as of now, the download speed of 5G networks in the United States is only 1.8 times faster than 4G. In other countries that use "mid-band frequency" 5G networks, the speed can be 5 times that of 4G.

The US media pointed out that if Americans only have low frequency bands available, then they are not worth upgrading to 5G phones at all, because the speed of low frequency 5G networks is not much faster than 4G.

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IT Home has learned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has clearly adopted the 3300-3400MHz, 3400-3600MHz and 4800-5000MHz frequency bands as the working frequency bands of the 5G system.

China's telecommunications companies that have already commercialized 5G include the three giants of China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom. On the morning of October 12, China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. was formally established and became the fourth largest operator in China. Except for the 700MHzn28 frequency band held by China Radio and Television, the 2.6GHz and 4.9GHz 5G frequency bands in the hands of the other three companies have poor coverage, but the network speed, bandwidth and capacity are not less than 700MHz.

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