Mobile phone signal "killer rankings" in daily life

Mobile phone signal "killer rankings" in daily life

From 2G to 4G, and even the upcoming 5G, the upgrading of mobile phone networks has brought us a higher quality of life, but even in areas with good network conditions, sometimes the network signal will be unsatisfactory, which shows you There are items that interfere with network signals. Cell phone signals are easily interfered. Next, let’s take a look at the “killer rankings” of cell phone signals in daily life.

Natural vegetation (signal interference intensity: ★)

The green vegetation around the living environment will affect the mobile phone signal to a certain extent. The higher the vegetation coverage, the more obvious the effect. And mobile phone signal is better in autumn and winter than in spring and summer.

Transparent glass window (signal interference intensity: ★☆)

The transparent glass window will block the mobile phone signal to a certain extent. At the same time, when the mobile phone signal passes through the glass, part of the signal will be reflected and refracted, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the mobile phone signal.

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Multilayer board, plywood (signal interference strength: ★★)

Multilayer boards and plywood will block mobile phone signals to a certain extent and reduce signal strength. If the multi-layer board is not waterproof, it will interfere with the signal of the mobile phone even more when it encounters damp or rains.

Solid wood (signal interference intensity: ★★☆)

Our furniture is mostly made of solid wood, such as oak, peach, maple and other types of wood, which will absorb and block part of the mobile phone signal, and the thicker the wood, the more obvious the effect, and the worse the mobile phone signal.

Brick (signal interference strength: ★★★)

As one of the commonly used building materials, it is often used to build houses, bridges, etc. Although it is cost-effective and versatile, it is an out-and-out killer for mobile phone signals. The difference in cell phone signal is very obvious when separated from the brick wall and when leaving the brick wall.

Concrete, cement (signal interference intensity: ★★★★)

Most modern buildings will choose concrete, cement, etc. as building materials, which not only makes the building stronger, but also improves the bearing capacity of the building. However, the interference of heavy concrete and cement on mobile phone signals is very obvious. The thicker the concrete and cement used in the building, the worse the cell phone signal will be.

Metal (signal interference strength: ★★★★★)

Metals such as aluminum, copper, iron, and steel are the biggest killers of mobile phone signals. There is no one. If there is a metal shed on the roof of the house where you live, the mobile phone signal will be difficult to reach. In addition, metal objects in your home can also cause mobile phone signals. distortion.

After reading it, do you feel that your signal is out of help? Hold on and don't panic, the next step is the point. topsignaljammer provides you with ways to improve your cell phone signal:

1. Use the coverage check tool to switch mobile network providers based on your region.
2. Change the position where the mobile phone receives the signal and stay away from the building or obstacle that blocks the signal.
3. Avoid using electronic devices (laptops, ipads, and microwave ovens) to interfere with cell phone signals.
4. The way you hold the phone may also interfere with the signal reception. Therefore, please be careful not to cover the antenna of the phone when holding the phone.

Cell phone jammer can shield 2/3/4/5G signals, GPS, WiFi, drones and other signals. They are mainly used in prisons, schools, churches, gas stations and other places to provide you with shielded communication services to protect your privacy Safety!

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