Talking about UAV jammer countermeasure equipment

Talking about UAV jammer countermeasure equipment

In recent years, the use of civil multi-axis unmanned aircraft has become faster and faster, and people's concerns about its safety have also increased. A lot of local departments want to do something to prevent drones.

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The UAV jammer countermeasure equipment adopts the antenna of the frequency band transmitter, which can generate the interference of the flight control and satellite of the UAV in the range of 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, and affect the return of the UAV to a certain extent. , landing and falling. The UAV is slowly approaching the cordon. When it is close to the defense area and has the ability to conduct reconnaissance and interference, the distance between the UAV and the defense area is generally much larger than the distance between it and the operator. In this case, all signals from the surface are attenuated. In the same situation, drone jammer will be better at countering the signal from the defense side of the device than the manipulators because they are closer to the unmanned aerial vehicle. It can be seen from the above results that the impact on the uplink interference is relatively large. Once the uplink signal is disturbed, it will lose real-time control of the signal and will only land according to a pre-set program.

Any uplink signal sent by the operator will be weaker due to the distance. With the same power, the UAV countermeasure equipment signal will be stronger than the UAV operator. Through this feature, the UAV jammer countermeasure equipment comprehensively suppresses the signals used by the UAV to ensure the overall security of the regional space.

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