Application of Police Communication Jammer Vehicle

Application of Police Communication Jammer Vehicle

The rapid development of the current wireless network has brought great convenience to people's lives, and at the same time, it has also brought many new challenges to the police's handling of major cases. The police communication signal jammer car can be used in the following aspects.

1. The communication jammer vehicle is a standard DDS high-power module of the whole system. It emits multi-band radio waves for radio signal interference and coverage. It is used for the police to carry out frequency interference on the remote control explosive device at the scene of the explosion, so that the explosive device cannot be detonated. It's obvious.

2. For large-scale illegal gatherings, the convenient communication of mobile phones will aggravate the gathering of people. At the beginning, there are not too many people gathered, and the emotions of the people on the scene are not very intense. In addition, the number of onlookers at the scene increased over time, and some personnel were very easy to incite the scene, and the situation became difficult to control. At this time, starting the communication jamming vehicle to control the communication signal at the scene can effectively reduce the gathering of people, and shorten the residence time of the people at the scene, which is of great benefit to the police's disposal.

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3. There are no trivial incidents involving explosions. The public security organs are equipped with jammer vehicles. The most essential purpose is to prevent the threat of remote-controlled explosive devices. With the full rollout of 5G networks, data traffic tariffs of major operators have been reduced, and various video communication software and live video platforms have risen rapidly. While these softwares bring convenience and entertainment to people's lives, they also interfere with the law enforcement activities of public security organs to varying degrees. At the scene of a major case in the city, it is difficult to ensure that the peripheral closure and prosecution will not leave a dead end. In some cases that require the police to take measures to force the police, the live broadcast of the scene can easily be seen by criminal suspects, and there are even criminals who pass the real-time Video communication leaks the police's action plan to the suspect, which brings great passiveness to the police's action. The use of the on-site communication jammer car made the police raid more sudden and successfully avoided the occurrence of dangerous situations.

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