How to choose a full-band signal jammer

How to choose a full-band signal jammer

Regarding the full-band signal jammer, it is a product used for communication supervision. It is used to supervise the seriousness and quietness of examination rooms, prisons, detention centers, etc., and to ensure the fairness and impartiality of examinations. Now the high school entrance examination, the college entrance examination or the usual mock examination. Most of them will install a full-band signal blocker to block mobile phone signals, so how should you choose when purchasing? signal jammer can be divided into high-power, medium-power, and low-power machines according to the size of the power. According to the power level, they can be divided into single-channel output 100W, 50W, 15W, 3W, etc. How to choose?

When buying a full-band signal jammer, the first thing to know is where to use it, and how big is the area that needs to be shielded? If it is used indoors, such as examination rooms, conference rooms, offices, etc., low-power models can be used. If it is an outdoor open area, high-power signal jammers need to be used. These are relatively common places of use. If the area of ​​the conference room used exceeds 1000 square meters, it is possible to use a medium-power machine, that is, a machine with a single-channel output of 15W, so as to achieve an effective shielding distance.

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When choosing a full-band signal jammer according to the different area, it is also necessary to pay attention to what kind of antenna or external antenna/built-in antenna the machine itself needs to be configured with. In terms of appearance, it can be divided into external antennas and built-in antennas. Generally speaking, external antennas are usually used for high-power machines, while built-in antennas are mostly prepared for low-power machines. It is external and extends outward, so it occupies a little more space than the built-in antenna, but also because of the outwardly extending antenna, the shielding effect of the external antenna is more stable.

In terms of shielding range, the examination room generally uses more low-power signal jammers, one can be installed in a classroom, and the shielding range is about 200 square meters; while for high-power full-band signal jammers, the shielding distance can reach 300- 400 meters (actually determined according to the local field strength)
Generally speaking, the high-power full-band signal jammer is mainly a drag box type design, or a fixed box type design, and the volume is very large. The smaller one is the desktop low-power machine, which is relatively small in size and easy to carry.

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