Precautions for the use of signal jammer vehicles

Precautions for the use of signal jammer vehicles

Signal jammer vehicles are mainly used in the detonation sites of some remote-controlled bombs, as well as in the arrest of suspects, escorting the convoy of important leaders and other special tasks. The jamming vehicle is a complete system, mainly composed of high-power DDS module, RF omnidirectional antenna, feeder, power supply and other systems.

For the signal jammer car, before the jammer module is powered on, the antenna on the roof needs to be raised. The jammer uses an omnidirectional antenna. The best effect can be achieved only when the antenna is perpendicular to the ground.

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Since the jammer car uses power to generate electricity, under normal driving conditions, there is enough power for the whole machine to open the jamming normally. However, when the vehicle is stopped, it should be noted that the idle speed of the vehicle needs to be increased to ensure that there is enough electric power to maintain the normal output of the whole module of the jammer vehicle.

When the signal jammer vehicle is not used for a long time, the lifting antenna needs to be lowered, and it can be used as a normal vehicle. When it is not applicable for a long time, it is also necessary to charge the power compensation battery from time to time. When charging the battery, you only need to start the vehicle and turn on the power to generate electricity.

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