How to protect yourself from GPS trackers

How to protect yourself from GPS trackers

I read about an Ontario man and his family who were frightened by the unknown who had a GPS tracker under their car. Can you protect your car from this threat?

This initiative was taken as a result of a request from believers to protect the temple grounds from noise. Temple engineer KC Dayakumar told TOI that the mobile signal jammer was ordered a few days ago.

This is to make people meditate, and prayer is not affected by external noise interference. The use of signal blocker is the best choice. The wifi jammerr is located almost around a block with a radius of several hundred meters, blocking and communicating signals in various frequency bands. The tools are paralyzed so that the temple calms down.

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They buy GPS trackers pretending to be fleet tracking, but these devices can be secretly illegally used in any car. You can inspect your car thoroughly on a regular basis, but I think it can be too annoying for you, and much of your spare time you should spend with your friends and family Will definitely take. Therefore, it is probably not an option.

It is illegal for the Supreme Court to rule and use a GPS tracker without a special warrant. Still, if someone really wants to track your movements, this limitation doesn't stop them from using GPS trackers under your car. But nowadays there is another way around this terrible problem that anyone can tolerate. To protect you and your family from movement tracking, you can use a GPS tracker to protect yourself from those who terrorize you, protect your car from GPS tracking and make your movements completely private.

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