Stop apps sharing my location

Stop apps sharing my location

I recently read an article about location-based apps like Girls Aloud Me. This app can share your current location without notification. How can I prevent it?

With the development of science and technology, some large companies are now installing mobile phone signal jammers in their work areas. This cell phone jammer completely separates interference, WiFi and phone functions to improve the work of employees. Especially in large meeting rooms, use 3G / 4G phone signal blocker to keep the meeting uninterrupted, steal meeting information and improve efficiency, as well as improve the protection of some information. Do not benefit your competitors or criminals.

In fact, the Girls Around Me app used Foursquare check-in and Facebook data to make it easier for boys to track girls around, but the purpose of that tracking wasn't clear. The app's website had a slogan suggesting how to use the Girls AroundMe app with the goal of finding your love or finding a one-night-only stand.

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Foursquare has withdrawn API access and the Girls Around Me app is no longer in existence, but there are many other apps that can be creepy. An app called Color makes social media photos available to strangers, even if you don't want to share them. Another app, Find My Phone, could be used by any of our ex-partners in a very abusive way.

Alternatively, you can use the app to find the nearest restaurant with the date of the dinner. This app uses the smartphone's GPS tracking module to perform such services, but it shares location data with third-party companies and constantly pops up on your smartphone, a location that can be really annoying. You can also place a base ad.

A scrambling device is a very simple device that uses the basic technology provided by the phone itself.

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