Reasons to buy a GSM jammer

Reasons to buy a GSM jammer

The world we live in regulates the use of electromagnetic waves, especially the frequency range used for communication. Therefore, the use of these frequencies is subject to regulation.

Therefore, cell phone jammer have a frequency range assigned by the carrier and you have to stick to it. I told myself that one day it's good to warn Internet users that they can be abused without their knowledge.

"Did you know that you can remotely control and listen to an extinct mobile phone, for example at a conference table?

4 Bands Portable Jammers Jamming GSM 3G GPS WIFI 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz

This reveals Alain Hurst, who is responsible for computer security at the CEA Department of Defense. (Atomic Energy Commission, Science, Technology, Industrial Research Institute)

"Almost all (all GSM brands) of today's mobile phones have a separate play mode that is activated by a computer code that the operator can send without the laptop owner's knowledge," AFP said. Said in an interview with.

Therefore, any mobile phone can be used as a microspy. And even when it's off, the phone remains active.

The connection can only be interrupted if the battery is removed from the slot. Who thinks about it? It is not always obvious and practical in demanding environments.

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