Do you know the specific situation of the use of jammers in the world?

Do you know the specific situation of the use of jammers in the world?

Once people have the opportunity to stay in touch anytime and anywhere, they are already trying to get rid of that opportunity. Cell phones keep ringing in public places where calm is important. Therefore, the battle with the mobile phone now brings in more revenue than the same mobile phone.

After the advent of cell phones, the Arabs were the first to take advantage of them, so they are now the first to get rid of them. Former Jordanian King Hussein initiated this inevitable process. His prayers were blocked by annoying phone calls and an American company was ordered to remove a device that covered his entire palace. Buckingham Palace also bought a cell phone jammer, as the courtiers did not let the Queen down, her cell phone kept ringing.

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According to statistics, more than 60% of Britons agree with such innovations. In addition, many people will be happy that they cannot hear calls in other public places in their city. In most public places, talking on the phone annoys a third of Britons. Another survey of cell phone users found that 45% of users want to restrict themselves in some way so as not to disturb others and relax. Although compared to other European countries, the UK is obviously not exhausted with cell phones, but this is all true.

Four-fifths of Finnish and Italian residents have cell phones, so residents of these countries have a much more radical attitude to this issue. Ten years ago, only the elites could afford cellular communications, so ringing cell phones was a very important thing. However, as the number of connected participants increases, so does the number of unnecessary chats on the cellular network.

More than 70% of Finns do not hesitate to install cell phone jammers in public places. In France, 85% of people share this opinion. In view of these data, French theaters and cinemas are officially authorized to install cell phone jammers to improve their quality of service. In countries like Australia and Japan, such laws were passed a few years ago.

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