Types of mobile phone jammers

Types of mobile phone jammers

If a business meeting is interrupted by someone using a cell phone, spending time in a movie theater, or crashing in the middle of the night, the neighbors will be talking loudly outside the wall - you can't that determining that a cellular communication jammer will help.

There are two main types of cell phone jammer. The first view combines devices that want to suppress signals within a certain radius. The second type of cell phone interrupt is generally used to force uncivilized citizens to stop their inappropriate chatter.

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The first type of cell phone jammer was widely used. They are electronic noise generators that cause radio interference and prevent cell phones from communicating with their base stations. Depending on the performance of the cell phone jammer and the current cell phone model, the signal shielding radius may be from 1 to 5 to 50 to 60 meters.

The second type of cell phone jammer finds the same cell phone, then contacts the base station and tells it that the cell phone is out of range. The results of such events are easy to understand.
Mobile jammers can be found in various online stores. It should be noted that UK made jammers are very popular among us. It looks like a regular phone, but it's a bit heavy. The signal range is approximately 15 meters.

The radiation of this jammer is much weaker than that of ordinary cell phones, so it is safer. Such a magical device will cost you around $ 300. Even so, in many cases the value of peace and quiet is much higher. You can also find many Russian and Ukraine-made cell phone suppressors on the Internet. There isn't much of a difference between them, mainly in terms of power and frequency of suppression.

With all of this in mind, in our day and age it is enough for a normal person to read various information about signal jammers (for general familiarity) and then carefully examine everything and figure out what type of jammer is in the cell. Phone (or other wireless device)) He must buy it and use it for entertainment!

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