Jammers will not affect the work of household products

Jammers will not affect the work of household products

A cell phone or GSM, 3G, CDMA and other standard cellular communication jammer is a device that effectively blocks certain frequencies of cellular signals to provide personal safety. cell phone jammer have different ranges and block different frequency ranges. Jammers can be handheld or stationary and can suppress cellular radio frequencies of different standards as well as frequencies from wireless cameras or radio microphones. The working radius of the suppressor depends on many different factors, including the distance to the cell operator's base tower, the thickness of the room wall blocking the cell phone jammer's signal, and of course the power of the cell phone jammer. output of the suppressor itself.

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Mobile jammers only remove certain frequency ranges so that other devices operate in standard mode when the jammer is on. For example, while GSM and 3G standards inhibit cellular communications, wireless internet operates on Wi-Fi frequencies and DECT phones operate silently. Inhibiting mobile communications will not have a negative impact on human health. Under normal circumstances, the signal strength of the suppressor is very low, which will harm humans.

The working principle of the cell phone jammer is relatively quiet, household appliances, computers or other devices nearby do not interact.

Now the most common is the cellular network. They are small and handy jammers that can fit in your pocket and can block phones within 10 meters of you. This product has a built-in battery that allows you to use it for up to 5 hours without charging. The use of this type of suppressor is usually designed to protect your car, conduct confidential negotiations on the street, or protect you and your business partners from GSM errors. It is one of the most common covert listening devices. Cellular jammers can also be used to combat terrorism, such as removing detonators in explosive devices, which are activated by a cell phone connected to a bell.

The signal suppression radius of the fixed mobile communication blocker is much larger than that of the handheld product. On average, the blocked radius is around 50 meters. Fixed suppressors are mainly used in business offices or conference rooms. This type of cell jammer can also be installed in various educational institutions, libraries, etc. Remote cell phone jammers are often installed in prisons.

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