6G ushered in a technological breakthrough, the network speed is 50 times faster than 5G

6G ushered in a technological breakthrough, the network speed is 50 times faster than 5G

On July 14, Samsung Electronics released the "6G White Paper", explaining the 6G development process, goals, and required technologies. According to Samsung's analysis, 6G will be commercially available in 2028 and the first service will begin. In addition, MediaTek, together with Nokia, Japan, and China, have also carried out 6G research. A battle for 6G has begun secretly.

As early as January of this year, under the organization of the Japanese government, the 6G Technology Research Council had begun, and the government's policy budget and 6G performance targets were determined. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan announced Japan's 6G strategic plan in April. According to the plan, Japan will use 6G technology in 2030. In 2025 and 2027, it will become the two major nodes for Japan's 6G technology research and development and 6G technology trials.

However, the communication technology from 2G to 5G in Japan has not had any obvious advantages, let alone occupy the mainstream. Therefore, many people are not optimistic about Japan's 6G ambitions. However, recent Japanese scientists have overcome difficult problems, making 6G usher in a technological breakthrough, and Japan 6G has a higher bargaining chip. So far, the theoretical upper limit of 5G wireless communication is 10Gbit/s, and the successful development of terahertz wireless chips has greatly increased the transmission speed.

It is reported that the chip was jointly developed by scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Osaka University in Japan, using the concept of photonic topological insulators. The chip gets its name because it can transmit terahertz waves, and its data transmission rate can reach 11 gigabits per second, far exceeding the theoretical upper limit of 5G. Terahertz communication provides key technical support for the realization of 6G and has gained global recognition.

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Currently, China Unicom has established a Terahertz Joint Innovation Center to conduct research on Terahertz communications. The United States has also decided to open up the "THz" spectrum to serve 6G networks. From this point of view, the successful development of terahertz wireless chips is of great significance to 6G. Japan is also expected to gain a head start in 6G development.

It is reported that the peak data rate of 6G will achieve 1000 gigabits per second, and this figure is 50 times that of 5G. Not only that, 6G is also expected to complete the vision of the Internet of Everything. The Internet of Vehicles, telemedicine, and distance education will be further improved and strengthened in 6G. In addition, with the cooperation of the global satellite positioning system and the 6G ground network, weather forecasting and natural disaster response have also been greatly improved.

Compared with 5G, 6G can definitely bring more than the speed increase. The scene experience, virtual reality, etc. that can be truly felt may no longer be out of reach. At that time, what kind of changes 6G will bring is very worth looking forward to.

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