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At present, there are many types of jammers available on the market, with different transmission power, interference frequency band, and coverage. In particular, some "three-no" products are rough in workmanship, have poor emission indicators, radio frequency units are not controlled in sections, and both uplink and downlink frequencies interfere. After actual testing and understanding of the technical indicators of various mobile phone jammers, the jammers can be divided into three categories according to the technical indicators. One is low-power single-channel jammers with a transmission power of about 1 watt and an interference range of several meters to tens of meters. The other type is low-power multi-channel mobile phone jammers, with a single transmission power of 5-10 watts, and a transmission power of 1-5 watts per channel, with a shielding range of several meters to tens of meters; the third type is high-power or super-power jammers, Generally used for special industries, such as public security and judicial special jammers, the power ranges from tens of watts to hundreds of tens of watts, and there are both single-channel and multi-channel.

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