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What is Radio

Radio is the abbreviation of radio technology, which is a technical discipline that specializes in the use of radio waves to transmit various information. Radio refers to electromagnetic waves that propagate in free space and have a frequency in the range of 3Hz to 3000GHz. Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and electromagnetic waves are everywhere in the space we live in. A changing electric field produces a changing magnetic field, which in turn produces a changing electric field. Repeatedly, the alternating electromagnetic field will radiate from near to far, showing the characteristics of waves just like the water ripples in the pool. The speed of electromagnetic wave propagation in vacuum is the same as the speed of light, and the speed of propagation in air is similar to that in vacuum. The technology of transmitting signals such as sound, text, data and images through radio waves is radio technology.

Why Do you Need a Radio Jammer

Nowadays, in people's life, everyone carries a mobile phone with them. Every day, people use their mobile phones to make calls and send messages. In some relatively hidden offices and conference rooms, in order to prevent information leakage, is there any good way to make their mobile phones unable to communicate? Of course, radio jammer can avoid this problem.

Radio equipment can often be seen in our lives. Just imagine: the neighbor's am fm radio makes annoying broadcast noise every day. Do you have an urge to smash it? Now there is a more civilized solution, you can buy a radio jamming device, which can intercept 2/3/4/5G mobile phone signals, as well as UHF/VHF signals, as well as our common walkie-talkie signals, AM FM radio signals.

Radio Frequency Jammers Are Common In Military And Police Forces

The army will use drone radio frequency jammers to shoot down enemy drones. Not only that, but also paralyze the enemy's communication during the war, making it impossible to use frequency equipment such as walkie-talkies to communicate; in the police force, when encountering A gangster robs a bank, and the police use police radio jammers to disrupt the criminal's communication network and the gangster's car radio.

Use a radio frequency jammer. Mainly used in various examination rooms, schools, gas stations, conference centers, hospitals, prisons and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. The signal interference radius is adjustable and the coverage is large. When using radio frequency signal jammer devices, in order to avoid radio signal jammers that may cause interference to some electronic devices, the following common devices should be kept away as much as possible: stereos, wireless microphones, radios, computers, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, etc. Choose a high-power machine or a low-power machine according to your needs. Can effectively interfere with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and WIFI signals.

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