wireless signal jammer

wireless signal jammer

Does the wireless cell phone jammer really have no antenna? It can be understood in the traditional understanding. But in fact, the wireless mobile phone signal jammer refers to the wirelessly transmitted mobile phone signal jammer, which actually has an antenna. Some are external whip antennas and some are built-in booster antennas.

What is the external whip antenna?

The normal understanding is: equipped with an external antenna, a machine that is locked on the machine and can rotate 180° is called a whip antenna.

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The built-in booster antenna refers to

The antenna is set inside the shell, it needs to open the machine to see it, it cannot be rotated, and the antenna that can cover 360° azimuth is called a gain antenna. Looking at the picture below, we can clearly distinguish what is a whip antenna and what is Gain built-in antenna. And what kind of machine is the whip antenna, what kind of machine has the built-in antenna, and their parameters.

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