Mobile phone signal jammer, small size but big function

Mobile phone signal jammer, small size but big function

Every year when the exam month arrives, the vicinity of the school as the test center will become a signal restricted area. How can the small cell phone signal jammer in the examination room have such a large '! Lethality'? Now we will reveal its secrets for you.

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Do you know how mobile phones receive signals?

When the mobile phone receives the signal, it is actually like chatting with the base station. It first sends a "greeting" electromagnetic wave to the base station to show friendship. The base station responds after receiving the "'greeting", and the mobile phone also receives the signal.

A cell phone jammer is like a loudspeaker. When the cell phone sends out a "friendly" greeting, it will emit an interfering "noise", so that the base station cannot hear the call of the cell phone and cannot respond to the cell phone, thereby blocking the cell phone signal.

1. The Magical Use of signal jammer.

In addition to being used to prevent cheating in exams, the unique features of cell phone jammers can you think of other uses?